Prepare for launch!

By | June 10, 2008

OperaIn case you haven’t subscribed to Opera newsteller, here’s a copy of their recent email:

Prepare for launch!
Opera Mini Team (

Dear Opera Community,

Almost two years ago I stepped onto a pier in Seattle to unveil Opera 9 to the world. Many things at Opera have changed since then, but our commitment to providing you a powerful, safe and fast Web experience has not. Since that day we have been hard at work on our next generation browser, codenamed Kestrel. I’m pleased to announce that today we are ready to share the fruits of our labor with you.

I invite each of you to try Opera 9.5. We’ve worked exceptionally hard during the past two years to make something we’re very proud to present to you. We’ve listened to your feedback and input to make our best browser yet.

Opera 9.5 has a brand new look and feel inspired by high-end audio equipment and Scandinavian design. Our refined address bar allows you to find *any* word on *any* Web page you have visited before. Opera Link allows you to bring your favorite browser with you, wherever you go. You can sync your bookmarks, Speed Dial, and Notes, and work seamlessly with Opera Mini, our award-winning browser for your mobile phone. We protect you against two different types of malware that may try to infect your computer.

We refused to compromise and I think the result speaks for itself. I truly feel this is our most powerful, safest and fastest Web browser yet.

But while we are pleased about our release of Opera 9.5, today is really about you. You have supported us and helped us evolve since we began 12 years ago. Back then we were just two people, sitting in a Norwegian basement. Now we are more than 500 people working to improve the Web for all. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done – and continue to do – for us.

I hope you enjoy Opera 9.5 and I hope you will continue to support us by turning the whisper into a shout. Help us continue making the Web a better place by telling someone about Opera today.

— Regards/Vennlig hilsen/Kær kvedja…

Jon S. von Tetzchner

Opera Software

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  1. nobody says:

    problem is, that yahoo, gmail, greader, youtube, most flash ads etc dont work properly

    same as silverlight 1, silverlight 2 beta, many JS frameworks etc

    list a bit to long for a product that anyone can be proud of

    it was clear for some weeks that this release is comming, but this release IS premature. most compatibility issues that affect mainstream (mostly google+ms+yahoo) ARE NOT FIXED.

    do anyone there believe, that anyone is goign to advise using opera when 3 most visited pages in the world are broken? (facebok joined recently)

    and this new skin..

  2. I agree, for their own good hope all those issues will be fixed.

    They’ve recently released new skin as well and haven’t polished it yet. After I read first paragraph, though “oh no, you won’t release it anytime soon, right?”

    Maybe upcoming Firefox 3 release made some influence. Oh well, they’re smart and ain’t gonna do anything stupid.