Opera 9.5 Release Candidate (RC) Released

By | June 10, 2008

Opera 9.5 Release Candidate (RC) ReleasedAfter more than a half year since the first Opera 9.5 public build, desktop team just released Opera 9.5 Release Candidate (RC). One of the most important changes which you should know before installing is that “On Windows, this build will by default replace the default installation of Opera.”

For a full changelog, check “Opera 9.5 RC – Prepare for launch” post.

Windows Classic

I am bit confuised though if this is a RC build or just a regular build before RC launch…

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  1. If there is still no roboform compatibility, I remain uninterested. It is a great browser otherwise.

  2. nobody says:

    tested it against all previously mentioned mainstream sites that dont work.

    all of them are still broken

    ff3 will have a field day when opera 9.50 launches in this state

    9.2x users will loose their settings, their mails, their bookmarks. with nothing to keep them to opera theyll all switch to ff3.

    and discover that gmail looks a bit different now than that in opera.

    sorry Opera, this time you are doing something even more stupid than usual. and you never learn from your mistakes.

  3. Frank says:

    Oh my god,

    the new Skin is really horrible. I’m sorry to be so harsh, but it’s only black in black. No intuitive or fast navigating, because you always need to check, whether to have chosen the right button or not.
    Dear Opera Developers: Colours ain’t bad but very helpfull! Give me back the old skin (or something similar) or I’ll be glad to keep on surfin’ with 9.27.
    so long

  4. effzee says:

    Sorry “nobody” this is just a lame, fanboy posting. First of all you might have taken the trouble to list the “all previously mentioned mainstream sites” that don’t work in Opera. Secondly if you check http://nontroppo.org/timer/kestrel_tests/ and run the tests against FF3 rc2 you still find that Opera 9.5RC is outperforming Kestrel in all but the faux raytracer. And if you use zoom in FF, you’ll see Opera win that test too.

    And why will 9.2x will lose their settings, mail and bookmarks? 9.5 actually upgrades 9.2x perfectly.

    Using gmail as a benchmark for deciding your browser is a dumbass move. Of course, you like google indexing all your email and profiling you and selling that data to corporations for targetted advertising.

    If you want to spend days and weeks setting up every copy of FF you use fair enough, with O it’s all there out of the box. One install and you’re right at home.

    You obviously prefer FF and that’s fine, from where I sit I need to use all the browsers and Opera still rules the roost I’m afraid. FF is an excellent browser with its own merits, but rubbishing Opera is just lame. It’s faster, more intuitive, more standards compliant, more secure and more feature rich.

    Remember also that Opera had all the features you like in FF first.

  5. nobody says:

    THE LOL!

    opera 9.50 final is on the opera ftp server.. this is going to be a disaster

  6. Alex K says:

    Frank, yes its bad. I dont like that when viewing bookmarks it even doesnt have icons, just stars. Its like a painfull web experience now because we have to read EVERYTHING.

  7. Played with it for a while.

    Besides minor bugs like:
    1. Last tab is hard to click when many are opened
    2, Receiving old news from rss reader,
    3, When transfer is finished and I close Opera, it shows transfers like: http://news.cnet.com/2038-12_3-7953-1.xml?tag=st.topic with unknown file types
    4, Also something is wrong with cookies, in some sites when I enter login details, it says logged in and redirects to login screen again. Have to refresh that page to see that I am logged in. Agressive caching maybe?
    5. When writing in a visual mode (WordPress 2.3), I can’t type anything in that form, same in few sites.
    6. Tried to delete visited pages history but not all were deleted.
    7. Z as back doesn’t work anymore?

    I am not sure what “Show thumbnails when hovering tabs” setting does. Thumbs appears when using something like hoverwing (ALT+TAB in Win), CTRL+Tab in Opera? If so, I saw no thumbnails. Saw now thumbnails on mouse over as well.

    I am sure they will be fixed. So far don’t like it’s “agressive caching” feature if we can call that. Just have to refresh in every forums, even FavBrowser.com to check latest comments which is odd.

    Would be great to have a feature when opening transfer link (and if it’s opened in a new tab which remains blank after clicking “Save”), it would closue automatically as it’s a blank page anyway.

    Agree with Alex, bookmarks look is awfull.

  8. Rob M says:

    Some of the issues listed here as ‘bugs’ don’t seem to be affecting the 3 systems that I have 9.5 installed on.

    – I do see icons in the bookmarks, though I am not sure why some bookmarks don’t show icons
    – the “Show thumbnails when hovering tabs” has been around for a while. It is exactly what it says. Hover your cursor over a tab, and a thumbnail of the page pops up.

  9. I always had it off, just now turned on and saw no difference. No mini thumbs.

    Noticed that out of 7 visited pages in one bookmarks category 1 has an updated favicon, others got just a star… Yes, they have favicon uploaded :-)

  10. effzee says:


    1. Change tab view mode or change skins. This is only a small issue with the new skin.
    2. Never saw this. Did you install clean or update an old(er) profile?
    3. Again I’ve not seen this. Maybe that one’s worth a bug report, especially if it’s unique to a site/mimetype.
    4. Again, I didn’t see this behaviour. Maybe it’s site specific. Try Prefs..Advanced..History..Check documents set to “always”
    5. This is a bug which has been reported but a fix didnt make it to the final. It has to do with the richedit control software being used by wordpress and others, and was discovered late. One of the problems of rushing out a quick release, but I think Opera has done this for strategic reasons with the upcoming release of FF3
    6. Using Delete Private Data..Clear history of visited pages? That clears the whole list for me
    7. enable single-key shortcuts in prefs..advanced..shortcuts

    All skin related issues (eg. bookmark icons) can be easily modified to taste by choosing another skin, or reverting to the old 9.2x skin.

    People updating Opera from the 9.2x series will see the favicon issue (stars instead of old favicons) because afaik Opera clears its favicon cache on update since it uses a different method. Favicons will reappear when you visit the bookmarks.

    Trying to make software “perfect” is a near impossible task; especially with browsers there will always be some problems on some sites with some users’ setups. As a longtime user of Opera I would prefer a longer test phase with features frozen and just bugfixing, but this is not opera’s way. They prefer to assess release-worthiness on their perception of what the majority of users will experience, and on the basis of timing strategy to maximise its impact. Opera tend to respond very quickly to problems that are affecting a significant number of users, usually with a .01 release.

    The trouble is, most people think that “release” means all known bugs fixed, sadly this is rarely the case in software today.

  11. 2. Updated
    3. Are you subscribed to news feeds? Whenever I open Opera I see somethign like:

    from: feed url
    to: C:\Documents and Settings\,\Local Settings\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache4\opr00J30
    3-4 kb files
    4. This so far noticed in a couple of sites only
    6. It haven’t deleted everything, but most was deleted

    Thanks effzee

  12. Erik says:

    Getting the same issue on 4. Any page that redirects to itself doesn’t refresh properly. Same check boxes are already filled in etc… Would be interested to know if there is an option to turn this off. Refreshing does clear it but this seems to defeat its purpose.

  13. Erik says:

    An example is this page. After posting I find my name, email address and notify check box all filled in.

  14. Erik,

    Yes. Same here, all info is filled after posting anyway.

  15. Erik says:

    Actually I think that may be a different feature as it doesn’t clear after a refresh:)

  16. effzee says:

    Yea, populating of fields here might be a cookie that the site’s filling the boxes in from.

    2. Try running a clean install/profile
    3. I’m subscribed to quite a few feeds including this one, everything works fine here. Again, try running a clean profile, even just to test
    4. Try changing the setting I gave you to “always”?
    6. Again, whenever I’ve used DPD everything gets correctly deleted.

    Sounds to me that your profile may have been scrambled at some point, which could account for a few of the above problems. Give a clean install/profile a try. If you’re running Win, temporarily rename your Appdata/Opera folder and restart Opera. In linux, it’s .opera in your home folder. Not sure about mac, sorry ;)

  17. effzee says:

    @Alex K. the favicon/bookmark thing is skin-specific. I’m sure someone will post a modded version of the current skin but in the meantime just use another skin.

  18. Netsrak says:

    Opera 9.5 is a mess.

    The new look is both inexplicable and horrible. Taking away a major visual cue (full-color icons) is a baffling decision. I found the new default skin to be unusable. They permanently broke the “Windows Native” settings as well– tabs are drawn differently and it’s difficult to tell which is the active tab– leaving one with no way to fully revert to 9.2’s Windows Native look.

    Browser instability is the major reason I’m dumping 9.5, though. I understand that others have been having instability issues as well, with the browser suddenly monopolizing available memory. Opera 9.5 has crashed my entire computer on multiple occasions.

    Thank god I still had the Opera 9.26 installation file on my hard drive. I just dumped 9.5 and reinstalled 9.26 (and thankfully was able to return all my bookmarks, cookies, browser settings, etc.).

    I’ve been using Opera since Opera 3, and to me, Opera 9.5 is a disaster. What in the heck were they thinking, foisting this on an unsuspecting public?!?

  19. Tom Usher says:

    I wanted my Opera 9.2 favicons in 9.5, so I figured out how to do it. I’ve posted what I did to help others.

  20. Matt says:

    6. Visited pages history are not deleteing for sure. This must be a bug!

    I agree with Netsrak. I’m going back to Opera 9.26.