Netscape Navigator 9 Release Candidate (RC) 1 Released

By | October 2, 2007 | 0 Comments

Netscape Navigator 9 Release Candidate (RC) 1Not so long time ago Netscape Navigator team released Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 3, today they are even closer to the Netscape Navigator 9 Final as Release Candidate (RC) 1 was just released. What are the changes since Beta 3 was released?

  • Added splash screen
  • Fixed formatting bug in Mac license
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing custom background colors
  • Mini-browser enhancements
  • Removed social news integration
  • Exposed more preferences in the Preference Dialog for tabs and the mini-browser
  • Fixed reversed preference for opening searches in new tab
  • Fixed Mac bundle signature
  • Fixed default icon and file assocations
  • Moved custom FTP style out of userContent.css
  • Added URL correction preferences to Advanced Preferences page
  • Added drop-down menu to print button
  • Added drop-down menu to home button
  • Added Firefox profile importing
  • Added support for importing Netscape 8 bookmarks after the initial install
  • Fixed theme issues on Linux
  • Fixed truncation of Reload button label
  • Fixed bugs with URL correction and country codes
  • Added “Save to Linkpad” option to History context menu
  • Why did they removed social news integration? They’ve decided to be “a traditional news site” instead of being a social new site. However, as Netscape Navigator team explained, those features will be available as a Propeller (new Netscape site) extension soon.


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    Adobe Launches Flash Lite 3

    By | October 2, 2007 | 0 Comments

    From their press release.

    Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the availability of Adobe Flash Lite 3 software, which now supports Adobe Flash Player compatible video and enables the delivery of dynamic Web content on mobile devices. Flash Lite 3 allows mobile device manufacturers, operators and content providers to differentiate their offerings by giving users the ability to watch Flash Player compatible video, the world’s most popular video format, and browse Flash enabled Web sites when integrated with a mobile Web browser.

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    2007 September Browsers Market Share Results

    By | October 1, 2007 | 6 Comments

    2007 September Browsers Market Share ResultsIt’s time for yet another post about web browsers market share. You may check August results here.

    It’s the second month since Internet Explorer is losing its market share. This time it felt from 78.68% to 77.86% (0.82% decrease).

    What about Firefox? Good news for Firefox fans, this web browser managed to increase its market share from 14.56% to 14.88% (0.32% increase). Maybe will reach 15% soon. Who knows…

    Safari is doing very well. Actually it managed to increase its market share from 4.68% to 5.07% (0.39% increase) and reached 5% of the market share. Congratulations.

    Opera continues to lose its market share since July, even Opera 9.5 Alpha release haven’t increased it’s market share. This time it felt yet another 0.01%, from 0.88% to 0.87% (0.01% decrease).

    Netscape slightly increased its market share after the previous 0.04% drop. From 0.71% to 0.72% (0.01% increase).

    While Opera doing not so well, Opera Mini as always continues to increase its market share from 0.27% to 0.39% (0.12% increase).

    That’s all.

    Here’s a graph of current browsers market share. Thanks to HitsLink.

    Market Share 2007 August

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    Opera 9.5, Is This A Bug Or A Feature?

    By | September 29, 2007 | 8 Comments

    Opera 9.5I was playing with Opera 9.5 Alpha a bit and noticed one annoyance. Let’s say that you are using Opera 9.23 and Opera 9.5 Alpha (Opera 9.5 Alpha is NOT set as a default browser) at the same time, got a message in any instant messenger with a link, basically if you click link, it should open with Opera 9.23 (as Opera 9.5 is NOT set as a default browser). However, somehow it opens links with Opera 9.5. So is this a bug or a feature (so we would “use” Opera 9.5″ more)?

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    Firefox 3 Pre-Milestone 9 (Alpha 9?) 2007 09 28 Released

    By | September 29, 2007 | 0 Comments

    Firefox 3 Milestone 9 Alpha 9Yet another great Firefox 3 build from Firefox team. This is not a final version; use it on your own risk. They’ve fixed lots of bugs in the past week and recently released one more Firefox 3 Pre-Milestone 9 (Alpha 9?) 2007 09 28 nightly build. And here’s the changelog for the last nightly build.


  • #284225 [Core:XSLT]- XSLT uses wrong security context for security checks [Win]
  • #292607 [Core:Drag and Drop]- Dragging (pre)-formatted text collapses whitespace [All]
  • #345428 [Core:Spelling checker]- No spellcheck on focus out [Win]
  • #368445 [Core:Layout]- Focus Outline of Select missing left, top, and bottom [Win]
  • #386229 [Core:Image: GFX]- Setting cursor with GIF, PNG or XBM doesn’t work [Win]
  • #391643 [Core:ImageLib]- Remove Get Alpha BytesPer Row from imgContainer.cpp [All]
  • #391777 [Core:DOM]- Empty Trash Button not functional on yahoo mail [All]
  • #392629 [Core:GFX: Thebes]- Comboboxes basically unusable with keyboard since border rewrite [All]
  • #393357 [Core:DOM]- nsDocument: :mRadioGroups leaks its members [All]
  • #393609 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]- Cocoa drag-drop fails to put link text (urld) on pasteboard [Mac]
  • #393906 [Core:GFX: Thebes]- “ASSERTION: Invalid offset” with rtl, wrapping [Mac]
  • #393979 [Core:Layout]- Remove orphaned comment in nsFrame: :BoxReflow [All]
  • #394085 [Firefox:Location Bar and Autocomplete]- The star button is touching the right border of the location bar drop down button [Win]
  • #394466 [Toolkit:XRE Startup]- Call XClose Display before exit and exec [Lin]
  • #396649 [Core:History: Session]- Content viewers not evicted when going back [All]
  • #397022 [Core:Style System (CSS)]- ns CSS Value: :Array leak involving overriding declarations of CSS ‘content’ property [Mac]
  • #397149 [Core:Style System (CSS)]-ns CSSValue List leak with invalid value for “content” property [All]
  • #397386 [Core:General]- Large leak on front page [All]
  • #397492 [Firefox:General]- Consider filtering redundant calls to on Security Change [All]
  • #397527 [Firefox:Places]- append folder and all ancestors to the include / exclude folder array in ns NavHistory: :FilterResultSet(), to save repeated queries [All]
  • #397614 [Firefox:General]- BrowserGlue’s QI doesn’t need to declare nsI Supports [All]
  • #397644 [Core:Disability Access APIs]- input type=”file” not exposed correctly [Lin]
  • #397768 [Firefox:Migration]- Opera bookmark import loses last bookmark [Lin]
  • #397804 [Firefox:RSS Discovery and Preview]- pages loading feeds as content can trigger a leak [Mac]
  • Partial Landings/WIPs/Incoming:

  • #362682 [Core:GFX: Thebes]- Some Unicode characters are no longer displayed with certain fonts (e.g. Arial) [Lin]
  • #391740 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]- listheader in richlistbox appears to right/at bottom of richlistitems [All]
  • #397536 [Firefox:General]- performance improvements for JSON.jsm [All]
  • Regressions/Annoying/Common bugs:

  • #337761 [Core:XPCOM]- Folder does not open anymore for dragged link [All]
  • #339804 [Firefox:General]- Multiple login requests for authentification proxies if sessionstore is enabled [Win]
  • #386343 [Firefox:General]- Breakpad doesn’t work [Win]
  • #386844 [Core:Plug-ins]- Crash when running Java Applets [@ XSync – JavaPlugin Instance5: :SetWindow] [Lin]
  • #388209 [Firefox:Places]- bookmarks menu dnd indicator not visible if I want to drop an item before a separator [Win]
  • #389131 [Other Applications:Reporter]- Reporter should move away from SOAP (Reporter fails to send reports on trunk) [All]
  • #394079 [Firefox:Location Bar and Autocomplete]- Location bar autocomplete hangs after first character is typed; regardless of speed of character input [Win]
  • #394910 [Firefox:Download Manager]- The download always goes to browser. download. lastDir when browser. download. useDownloadDir is false [Win]
  • #395534 [Firefox:Download Manager]- browser. download. lastDir is ignored when right-clicking and “Save Link As …” when browser. download. Use DownloadDir is true. [Win]
  • #396477 [Firefox: Download Manager]- DM renames executable files with double extension, i.e. filename.exe.exe [Win]
  • #397012 [Firefox: Menus]- menus won’t close on second click [Win]
  • #397225 [Firefox: RSS Discovery and Preview]- RSS feed subscription is broken [Win]
  • #397876 [ Build & Release]- Nightly updates are not available for builds later than 20070927 [All]
  • Download now.

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    Opera 9.5 Alpha, One More Build Released

    By | September 29, 2007 | 0 Comments

    Opera 9.5Opera Desktop Team released one more Opera 9.5 Alpha version. While this build fixes many bugs it still contains lots of “known issues”. However, they are working on those bugs, as for now, I will stay with Opera 9.23. So let’s check the changelog.

    New Features!

  • Added menu item to never reload a page (Right click > Reload every – Never)
  • (UNIX) When running Gnome, Opera will now use the native GTK file chooser when opening and saving files
  • Bugs Fixed

  • [BUG 255515] Chat should now work in Yahoo! Beta
  • [BUG 281879] Show only cached images should now work properly
  • [BUG 255304] Closing Speed Dial window fast after “delete private data” shouldn’t crash Opera anymore
  • [BUG 282598] Passwords set to “never for this server” can now be deleted again
  • [BUG 286084] Content blocker works again
  • [BUG 276354] Fixed bug where it was not possible to reconnect to mail server after disconnecting
  • [BUG 262786] Onload handler in script no longer fired before onload attribute of body element
  • [BUG 267384] JavaScript errors no longer reported as being in “Unknown thread”
  • [BUG 233022] data: URIs are no longer considered off-site images
  • Use ‘Today’ when a mail was sent today, even if it’s in the future
  • Windows Only

  • Set default network from 128 back to 32. This might help with some stalling while loading pages on some systems
  • Fixed appearance of fonts in Speed Dial configuration dialog and Widgets when using Cleartype
  • Mac Only

  • Fixed clipping of dialogs in Leopard
  • Fixed font display in Leopard
  • Smaller UI fonts
  • Fixed issue selecting icon
  • Unix Only

  • Made flash animations work again
  • [BUG 276704] [qt4] Focusing documents in other tabs now switches to that tab as expected
  • [BUG 276959] [qt4] Tiling windows now works properly
  • Other Fixed Issues

  • [BUG 286186] There are no buttons in the customization dialog.
  • [BUG 274352] Upgrading with no mail/RSS accounts causes a mail upgrade that never finishes.
  • Known Issues

  • [BUG 284849] Yahoo! Mail beta may crash Opera.
  • [BUG 286911] Flickr maps may crash Opera.
  • Google reader crashes Opera (same as ymail crash)
  • Won’t run correctly on Windows 95 or 98.
  • Won’t work correctly on Mac OS X 10.3.
  • OS X version may cause persistent freezes on start-up.
  • POP server cleaning has been disabled: When disabling the “Leave messages on server” option, existing messages on the server are not removed.
  • [BUG 287170] On OS X, UI thumbnails have black backgrounds when using native skins.
  • [BUG 184894] Native OS X UI elements cannot be used in skins.
  • [BUG 280536] Opera on OS X will sometimes freeze when exiting Preferences.
  • [BUG 286384] Yahoo mail is broken.
  • [BUG 285741] Opera might freeze for a while when opening the feeds menu.
  • [BUG 271585] The last directory used is not remembered in the Save As and Open dialogs.
  • [BUG 264975] Graphical smiles do not work.
  • [BUG 280261] Removing messages from filters does not work.
  • [BUG 213115] Queued mail is sent at the next check, instead of waiting for manual action.
  • Download

    Windows (Build 9562)
    Windows Classic (Build 9562)
    Macintosh (Build 4460)
    Unix (Build 1600)

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    Opera F5 Contest. Win Some Stuff

    By | September 28, 2007 | 4 Comments

    OperaAnd the rules are really simple, what you have to do is to find incorrect information about Opera browser, for example that it contains ads in the top, etc.

    Obviously, we don’t have to fix every old news article talking about previous versions of Opera, but general information sites without a specific publication date should be corrected to reflect the latest info.

    When you’ve contacted a site, please post the URL in the contest page (so that others won’t contact the same site over and over again) and describe what you asked them to fix. I’ll send an Opera goodie-bag to the person who contacts the most sites in two weeks (deadline: Oct. 10th), and if you find/contact at least 5 sites with incorrect/outdated information about Opera, I’ll enter you into a random drawing to win one other goodie-bag.

    Read more…

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    What Happens When You Have Low Market Share?

    By | September 27, 2007 | 5 Comments

    MSN Team just updated their home page. And here’s what happens when you are using Opera.

    MSN, Ooops

    So what happens when you have low market share? They “accidentally” forget you.

    Of course, you can click “Continue to MSN Video” and continue surfing, at least they allow you to do that.

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    Internet Explorer vs Firefox vs Opera (Not Just Another Topic)

    By | September 26, 2007 | 4 Comments

    Firefox With Extensions

    Firefox No Extensions


    Internet Explorer

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    ZoneAlarm ForceField Beta Released

    By | September 26, 2007 | 0 Comments

    ZoneAlarmZoneAlarm Forcefield beta has just been released for Windows XP and Windows Vista. It should be working with Internet Explorer 6-7 and Firefox 1.x-2.x versions. So what is it all about? It can protect you from various “bad things”. And as they say: “Protect yourself by creating a virtual “You” on any PC…”

    ForceField lets you connect and communicate the way you already do online, only with a combination of protective measures that makes you impervious. It uses a virtualization engine that shields your computer and personal data from Internet and computer-based threats. It also includes numerous protection layers to combat phishing, spyware and dangerous file downloads.

    Isn’t that a good idea?

    More details.

    It’s a Beta only, still many issues needs to be fixed. However, feel free to try it if you are interested.

    Known issues:

  • Virtualized surfing – Creates a “bubble of security” around your browsing session that works two ways: it protects your PC from Web site threats such as drive-by downloads; and protects your browsing session from threats on your PC
  • Seamless use – surf as you always do without any special knowledge required and no interruptions
  • Keylogger jamming – protects your browsing, banking and shopping by disabling keyloggers/screengrabbers that may reside on your PC
  • Anti-spyware scanning during your browsing session to protect you as you bank and shop
  • Phishing and fraudulent Web site warning and protection
  • Dangerous download scanning and protection
  • Private browsing to completely erase your surfing tracks from your PC (not yet in the beta)
  • Svelte proportions – ForceField can be deployed to any PC within about 30 seconds in its Instant ForceField form (not available in current beta), making it convenient for on-the-go use on shared public computers.
  • Full known issues list.

    Learn more.

    Download ForceField 1.0.158 Beta.

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