Opera Mini 4.1 Released

By | May 13, 2008

Opera Mini 4.1It’s here. The new Opera Mini 4.1 Final was just released. Developers made more than 150 changes since Beta and they even don’t need to release Beta 2.

What are the changes since Opera Mini 4.0?
First of all, they’ve upgraded servers. As a result, Opera Mini 4.1 is up to 50% faster.
Remember that painful URL typing? Forget it. Opera Mini 4.1 introduces URL suggestions. Moreover, now you can save web pages for offline web browsing.
That’s not all. With the new version you will be able to quickly access specified word or phrase in the web page and even upload and download files.

Since now Opera Mini 4.1 works very well with the file system… What’s the next most requested feature besides tabs? *HINT* Wands?

Download Opera Mini 4.1.
Opera Mini 4.1 Presentation.

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  1. Simon Houston says:

    10 days? Opera mini 4.1 beta was released in April.

  2. My mistake. Thought it’s April now :o)