Mozilla Complains, Then Does the Same?

By | May 19, 2008

Some time ago Mozilla CEO complained about evil Apple Software Update, where Safari web browser was selected by default, “forcing” them to install it.

Guess what, now Mozilla does that.

Although it’s not the same way, but principle is the same. Checkbox is checked by default. Which one?

Mozilla Complain

Exactly. “Use Firefox as my default web browser”.

Let’s say that I haven’t ever tried Firefox and would like to test it for a while. Quickly installing it and don’t notice that one checked. What happens? Possible buggy browser (not a final release) becomes my default web browser… Would you like that?

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  1. John Benedict says:

    What Mozilla’s CEO complained about was that an iTunes update installs Safari by default. That’s completely different.

  2. “Apple has made it incredibly easy – the default, even – for users to install ride along software that they didn’t ask for…”

    It’s not so different.

  3. Daniel says:

    If one installs beta software, one should be aware of issues and should be prepared and should have enough knowledge to cope with bugs. People who meet this requirements don’t have any reason to whine, others should keep their hands in their pockets.

    And as already stated above, there’s a difference in having a certain browser preinstalled with my OS or setting a browser which has been manually downloaded and installed as default application. In fact, that’s so different, I don’t have any idea why you chose to compare it in any way.

  4. Morbus says:

    Not quite the same thing. You install a browser, it’s most likely that you’ll want it to be your full time browser. It’s a good thing, actually, because it saves trouble.

    It’s not like you’re gonna install Firefox and not know it…

  5. It is not the right thing to do. It should be able to set it as default once you start it, but not when you quickly click next, next and then realize that you got Firefox 3 set to default one.

  6. Bernardo says:

    I think there’s a difference between making an automatic update with a completely unrelated product and installing a browser. Chances are that if you’re installing a new browser on your computer, you’re going to want it to be the default.

    With unrelated products however – well, I guess it goes without saying that they don’t necessarily know what they’re installing it – or that they’re doing it.

  7. Emil Ivanov says:

    Whats the problem if you are able to uncheck that option when you install the browser? Its nothing compared to IE which comes preinstalled by default or like Apple when they offered Safari as an “update” even when there is no Safari installed.

    Actually its almost the same when the browser is launched and asks you to set as default browser and the default option is “yes”.

    If anyone dont like it can uninstall it. Nobody is forcing you to use it like Apple did. I dont use any software from Apple anymore, even Quicktime. I dont like the idea that I have to install Apple Software Update and there is no option to prevent that. The installer just installs that program. In the first few beta versions there was such option.

  8. Raised Eyebrow says:

    “…, Then does the same”

    If “the same” now means “something completely different” then we are in agreement.