Opera Turbo Is Here

By | March 13, 2009

The first public preview version of Opera Turbo has been just released (more about it here).

So far, you can test it on Windows or Mac operating systems.

There is also a demo video which shows you a loading speed of Slashdot page with/without Opera Turbo technology enabled.

During my first load test with Opera Turbo enabled, it actually stuck. But that’s what you can expect from the non-final versions.

Update 2: pages doesn’t load anymore. Turbo servers crashed?


Picture source: Choose Opera

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  1. Gabry says:

    It’s cool, but images are really too compressed…

  2. rdb says:

    but i am from india, in my case no problem was found, rather this version of Opera fails to render the picture properly when turbo mode in enabled !

  3. Wombat says:

    Opera Turbo is only good on slow (dial-up) connections. You can get NetLimiter 2 Pro for Windows to limit your internet speed or using the pipe command on a Mac. They recommend 100kbps.

  4. hello says:

    “this version of Opera fails to render the picture properly when turbo mode in enabled”

    What do you mean by that. Are you referring to the fact that they are compressed to save data?

  5. What do you mean by that. Are you referring to the fact that they are compressed to save data?

    Exactly, it’s normal when compressing data but I’m sure Opera Turbo will be way better till RTM.

  6. nobody says:

    Opera almost never improves features once introduced, so dont expect any future refinements to opera Turbo

    it is a neat concept (for VERY slow connections like edge), but i highly doubt its business model. it is a very costly (traffic, servers, LOTS of them) and yet, practically free for end users. who is going to sponsor it? because rest assured, that end users are not going to pay for it unless it is feature-complete and polished (unlike most opera latest additions) up to today’ standards

    anyway – neat publicity picture, firefox 3.1 picture is.. bad. this plane is quite nice to be honest.

  7. nobody: What kind of dumb comment is that? Did you ever look at 9.6?It only improved old features…

  8. nobody says:

    like userJS, that was claimed to be like-extensions? like content blocker that still sux enormously compared to even simpliest competetive solutions? like speed dial, that after many, many months got a feature to.. change its number, and still looks more like hardcoded feature than like something that can be customised? like default skin that is simply REVOLTING and should be ditched immediately in favor of QUALITY products like Tango CL or similar skins. there are LOTS of features that were added and left alone. operaLink – it STILL isnt feautre complete, autoUpdate more often than not fails to install, detect or do anything at all with opera installation. you need to be blind and dumb not to see it.

    btw there is a difference between ‘doing something’ and ‘completing it’. opera is strongly on a ‘doing’ side. unfortunately not completing anything really. dev tools are neat example. they are doing them for years now, and guess what – they are still worthless, hard to use and simply ugly. compare that to what Safari COMPLETED in beta 4 concerning dev tools. that is important you know, without tools noone is going to bother testing against opera.

    • jheel says:

      I’m sure Mr. Nobody is one of the following :-
      1> A Linux fanboy
      2> A Firefox Fanboy
      3> A Mac (safari) fanboy.

      Whatever he is, it’s quite obvious he’s havin a personal grudge on Opera and whatever he has written is complete crap. (As reviews by biased fanboys often are)

      Get a job, a girlfriend or even a midget will do. Get some life.

      BOTTOM LINE: If Opera sucks, Firefox and Safari suck even more. Of course this is my personal opinion, and I’m not a opera fanboy. I use KDE conquerer browser on openSUSE 11.

  9. #nobody
    Give me a break.. Are you listening to yourself? Behehehe :D It’s pathetic!
    Another fanatic Fire(heavy)Fox user who loves install 100000000 addons to get it “work” or IE user who is too dull for using Opera.

  10. Keldian.- says:

    PROTIP: Don’t ever bother to discuss “nobody”‘s rants.

    He never has anything but complains about Opera, and everything made by Mozilla Corp. is good for him, and the rest of the world (read: NetAplications).

    And the funniest thing is that he menctioned once he was a Safari user, and he NEVER references to it when atacking Opera, just talks about Mozilla.

    So just avoid the bad times.

  11. blahblah says:

    @Sklep Zoologiczny: Opera Turbo IS rendering the pictures properly. They are SUPPOSED to be compressed. That’s the whole point.

    @nobody: User JS was never claimed to be like extensions. The content blocker works fine for what it’s supposed to be used for. If you think the default skin is revolting, then they definitely need to keep it. Always do the opposite of what the guy with a track record of always being wrong says :D

    Opera’s dev tools are still under development. A new alpha was released recently.

  12. effzee says:

    yawn. i come back after months and nobody is STILL flaming Opera. FFS, get a life dude!