Browser Which Changed Your Life #2

By | March 13, 2009

Quite a few months ago we have published an article with a similar name (check it here). Well, how about one more? Let’s talk about Opera.

Actually, most of the features you are using for your daily work were Opera’s innovations which later evolved (thanks to Opera and other web browsers).


RAM Cache – feature which caches pages and certain media to RAM.


Sessions – allows you to save, open and insert sessions with all your web pages opened, etc.


Nicknames – quick pages and bookmarks search. For example: type “g web browser” in the address bar to search Google.


Clear private data
Mouse gestures – quick navigation based on mouse gestures.

Integrated search – search box integrated into web browser.
Pop-up Blocking


Fast Forward – detects the possible “next page”.


Speed Dial – allows you to quickly access your most visited pages.

Of course, there are much more innovations, such as: torrent integration, voice navigation, etc. However, they don’t have a huge impact (such as those features) in your daily routine.

So here you have it, a browser which changed your life.

Icon source: lumaxart
Innovations source: Opera wiki


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  1. Jim says:

    awesome, a blog entry supporting opera.

    opera rocks.