Opera New Promotional Video

By | October 8, 2008

And it’s called “Sketch of my life

Maybe it makes sense to Opera users. Only few seconds of mentioning Opera? Why use it? What are the benefits? Why “blue e” is worse? Come on, you can do it better.

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  1. Ky says:

    It’s a pretty nice video actually, but yeah, you’re right, they should give some reasons to use Opera instead of IE.

  2. Michael Johnson says:

    I personally kinda liked the message: you’re told all your life you don’t have a choice. The blue e isn’t your only choice.

    I think the point it to get people to try it and figure out for themselves why. Mainly because there are dozens (hundreds?) of reasons to use Opera. But they don’t all apply to a given person.

  3. Fred says:

    Well, if reasons to switch was all that was needed, i guess everyone would have switched from IE long ago?

    Remember – there is a mass market out there!

  4. ktopera says:

    Cool video. I think it’s very nuanced.

    It’s obvious that 95% of people that comment about Opera haven’t downloaded the latest version, and don’t know anything about it. (And if 75% is still IE’s market share, 95% of THOSE users, don’t even know another browser is an option.)

    For examples of average user awareness of how to use their computers, read the comments here. “WOW”, doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    – “Where’s the ‘windows’ key?
    – “You don’t have to type in ‘www’ or ‘.com’ if you just type in your [Opera] browser.