Opera 10 to Have Inline Spell Check

By | October 8, 2008

Opera 10 to Have Inline Spell CheckFinally, right step was made towards Opera web browser development. With the Opera 9.6 released post, one of the Opera developers (olli) included this:

Starts testing Peregrine and Inline Spell check

Yes, it will finally have integrated inline spell check, just like every other browser. What’s next? Auto complete? Who knows, maybe.


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  1. Olli says:

    Auto update? Very very likely :-)

  2. Awesome!

    Keep it up ;-)

  3. Lomas says:

    The current Opera browser already has auto complete feature, its called “wand”.

  4. It’s really limited

  5. lilmoder says:


  6. Olli says:

    Vygantas: Ops i misread auto complete for auto update :-)

  7. serious says:

    ew, who needs auto-complete? ;)

  8. Olli,

    Even better ;-)

    Auto complete is a nice thing, or at least it should have “add more” in wands field.

  9. Opera has many other alternatives to auto complete, e.g. notes, userjs, personal information. Anyway Peregrine is a salvation :D

  10. nobody says:

    given speed of opera development, we’ll see ie 9 surpass opera feature set before opera 10 arrives.

    same unfortunately goes for developer tools.

    dragonfly was released to ‘shut up whiners’ but it is a tool so obviously limited and designed with completly broken foundations, that noone uses it. to add inslult to injury, older dev tools were BETTER when it came to debuging pages – no need for SILY and completly idiotic ‘reload page’ actions..

    firebug is so easy to use, and you wonder why every page out there works in ie (visual studio) and ff (firebug) when it comes to serious js development..

    anyway, congrats opera, on catching up with one feature several years after last competitor got it. what earthshaking features have you included instead by that time? speed dial (ff extension took 3 days to complete) or Link that still is painfuly limited?

  11. cousin333 says:

    nobody: While you have right in some of the things you said, I diagree with some of your opinion.

    “given speed of opera development, we’ll see ie 9 surpass opera feature set before opera 10 arrives.”

    I really doubt that although first Opera 10 weeklies should had appeared in late 2007, and they’re still nowhere to find. And nowadays Opera tends to have paperlaunches, like Opera Mobile 9.5 and Dragonfly, bith of them get heavy publicity (in Opera measures…) and we got… well, a beta (an d alpha) with pretty limited functionality (exp. Opera Mobile 9.5 beta 1 misses Opera Link, widget and Flash support… etc.). Both stuff is far away from final (seems to me).

    “anyway, congrats opera, on catching up with one feature several years after last competitor got it.”

    Opera has spell cheking ages before FF. I agree, inline spell check is better, especially when it has multi language support as well. Anyway, caching up Opera features years later is an FF territory…

    “what earthshaking features have you included instead by that time?”

    The browser got a pretty much redesigned engine and a new JS engine. Besides it became kind of multi threaded so it works more seamlessly. And you’ve missed the full history search, which is only to be found in Chrome yet.

    ” Link that still is painfuly limited”

    It is supposed to be this way (although could be more sophisticated), and it works nice. Even with Opera Mini…

    ” speed dial (ff extension took 3 days to complete)”

    Yeah, and the FF versions still sucks. It slows down the browser and thumbnails look like shit. On the other side, Opera misses some tweaking for this function.

    Anyway, I put my trust heavily in Opera 10. I hope, Opera will get a great boost in speed and usability, and some killer new ideas. And I think Opera 10 SHOULD be a natural born killer. Without many bugs (not the case with 9.5 final). With so many strong rivals, it’ definitely a very important test for Opera if they can regain the speed and innovation crown. You should not think, that Opera on mobile devices will have a chance if desktop Opera fails. And it will if Opera 10 won’t live up to the high expectations.

  12. Anton Kudris says:

    well, Opera 9.6 is nice. It’s fast and render html even better then latest stable ff (which is 3.0.3 I believe). But it JS engine is still broken in some parts (i’m developing some rich web.interface and found a couple of really ugly opera js engine bugs). And Dragonfly is suck ass. Not even close to firebug.

    so, for me, as a web.developer – Opera is still useless. And for me, as user – it’s useless even more, since it adblocking engine suck (compared to powerful and easy to use Adblock+), it don’t have my favorite extensions like gTranslate or Del.icio.us bookmars.

    as a user I don’t see any reasons for switching from FF to Opera.

  13. Somik says:

    How hard is it to just right click, select block content and just click on all the ads you want to block?!? Thats how easy ad blocker on opera is!

    If you dont even know that, then u better stick to ur FF. I am a web developer too and to me, opera is the way to go. I still have FF installed on my pc, and apparently, it SUCKS!

    Opera is the browser made for webdevelopers. I dont think any other browser gives u ability to view source, edit it, save it and check back that instant! I can even change codes on websites and see how the new modifications will look on it without even touching a single thing on the main site!