Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta Released

By | June 8, 2009

Opera Mobile 9.7
Oh, wow, the waiting is finally over. Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta has been just released by Opera Software and can be downloaded here.

There are many great new features in this baby, for instance: Opera Turbo which needs no introduction, long promised Widgets, tweaked user interface, Dragonfly (yep), full AJAX support and so much more.

For a complete list, feel free to check “Opera Mobile 9.7 beta” page.


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  1. cousin333 says:

    “long promised Widgets, tweaked user interface, Dragonfly (yep)”

    These things were also in the 9.51 beta version. OK, Widget manager has changed a bit, and now it’s a standalone download.

    For the real changes: Turbo doesn’t work for me (Opera just quits when I’m trying to load a page with it), engine improvements are great (Acid3: 100/100, pixel perfect, WebFonts, text shadows, less loading time), less “Out of memory” message, more responsive click on links, but sometimes a bit weird zoom behavior.

    That’s it, besides this Turbo problem, it’s quite stable, so go, try it!