Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 Released

By | February 14, 2010

Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 ReleasedThe third beta of Opera Mobile 10 has been released by Opera Software, as company spent quite few months adding new features, polishing browser and fixing bugs. One of the new features for Windows Mobile users is experimental Flash support (Flashlite 3.1). Other improvements include:

– Complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
– Support for non-latin characters in the UI also when phone is set to latin locale (requires international build)
– A lot of input and keyboard related fixes
– Fixed text selection
– Visual indication of input mode also for non-latin input modes
– General bug fixing (stability, UI)

Windows Mobile
– keypad/smartphone support
– Flash Lite 3.1 support (disabled by default)
– Complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
– BIDI support also for language extensions
– phone numbers in plain text are converted to links
– support for background sound
– general bug fixing (stability, UI)

There are also some known issues, as it’s only a beta release.


Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks for news tip.


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  1. pneumatyka says:

    I guess Opera Mini Beta 3 is just around the corner.

  2. nobody says:

    I want this on android.

    opera mini doesnt cut there, as it is clearly subpar compared to browser, steel or dolphin browsers (all webkit), but opera mobile might beat them.