Adobe Blocks HTML5

By | February 15, 2010 | 11 Comments

Adobe Blocks HTML5Sometime ago, Adobe Evangelist, Dave McCallister has said, that Adobe is one of the most open companies that are active. Furthermore, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch claimed that “Adobe supports HTML and its evolution”.

Well, this is no longer a case, as a member of HTML5 group, Ian Hickson said the opposite: “the latest publication of HTML5 is now blocked by Adobe, via an objection that has still not been made public (despite yesterday’s promise to make it so).”

Why would Adobe do that? As new HTML5 canvas element allows adding animation, navigation elements and other interactive content, it is a direct threat to Adobe’s Flash platform.


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  • Emil Ivanov

    The name is Ian Hickson, strange how you write articles about browsers but you don’t know the author of the ACID 2,3,4 tests. You should be more responsible about your articles.

    • Vygantas Lipskas

      While that’s true, on his page, he says: Ian Hixie, a member of the WHATWG, regularly blogs about web standards and model trains.

      • jarncrig

        Could we get the reference for where Ian’s page says “Ian Hixie”?
        I’m sure it does NOT say that.

        “hixie” is Ian’s handle/nickname for his web posts and identifiers, and also used in his webpage domain. But like Emil said, his name is Ian Hickson. Check out:

        • Vygantas Lipskas

          Hixie’s Natural Log
          Ian Hixie, a member of the WHATWG, regularly blogs about web standards and model trains.
 – Cached – Similar

          In any case, name fixed :-) Thanks.

          • jarncrig

            Then you have to stop relying on the Google search summaries and instead try reading the actual webpage. It looks like the summary that says “Ian Hixie, a member of the WHATWG” is outdated. I can find any actual webpages that still contain that content anymore or show that “Ian Hixie” is actually his name.

            Besides, a link to a Google search is not a referenc, especially since the actual content you are trying to reference doesn’t exist. Next time try providing actual pages.

        • Emil Ivanov

          This is the description from dmoz, obviously not accurate.

          Thats why some sites are using the noodp meta tag.

    • ichann

      You are welcome to start your own blog anytime.

      Ohh and please give us a link. :)

  • Sergiu

    LOL even YouTube will use HTML5 and Adobe wants to block it?Users (“the geeks” because they can’t test HTML 5 and the “normal users” cause they can’t use the only site they know “YouTube” -and Google but does not count)will delete in 5 seconds.

  • Sergiu

    Adobe Flash:0.1 % market share in 2011 (“What did we did wrong? :(” )
    Can’t wait…this is the worst idea EVER,even IE 6 is a ALOT better idea.

  • John Dowdell

    Hickson’s vague alarmism was debunked last week, in comments at Ajaxian. Over the weekend OS News did a wrapup of the false story. Then after that, Daring Fireball picked it up fresh, referring only to Hickson’s unfortunate post.

    Bottom line is you’ve been had, deceived, tricked, but also played a part in your own deception. The situation can be improved.


  • Varun Khaneja