Opera Mini 5 Beta 2, Now with Progressive Loading

By | December 2, 2009

Opera Mini 5 Beta 2, Now with Progressive LoadingHere comes a new beta of Opera Mini 5 web browser. While fixings various bugs, Opera Mini team has also included few other new features:

Download manager
Opera Link
Progressive loading

What exactly progressive loading is?
As they explained: Progressive loading means that pages you load are sent to your device in ‘chunks’. Previously in Opera Mini, your page would be displayed once the entire page has reached your device. However, now your browsing experience will be faster and better, just like on your desktop.

To download, just visit m.opera.com/next using your mobile phone.


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  1. somebody says:

    Opera have also released the 2nd beta of Opera Mobile 10 today,alongwith Opera Mini 5 Beta 2.

  2. Ajikoe says:

    Great feature but needs improvement…
    The problem with this beta is:
    1. Copy paste is still not working as expected
    2. No top and down short cut
    3. Feeds is still not working
    4. Positioning the cursor into config text search make phone quits.

  3. Amir Riyaz Khan says:

    Hi good morning to opera team. I just wanted some changes in opera mini 5 beta 2 i.e.
    1. Download manager must also show downloading speed. Such how much kb/s as in ucweb
    2. Gif pics must be moving
    3. Copy and paste can be done from web pages to mobiles notes or msgs.
    4. Hindi and other language must not overlap or twisted. As it may be due to your compression. But try to resolve it.

  4. Khanya says:

    I second last post. Download speed must be displayed as in UCWEB.
    I have a rapidshare account and initialisation of downloads are rather slow. I’ll click something, choose where to store, then the download will begin in about 3 minutes or so – 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and so on. Why is this proccess not sudden? Takes long to fetch data off server maybe? I don’t know. But this is really annoying.
    Another feature as pointed we’d like animation, flash animation to say. And Youtube/streaming support. Also make it swift, you find out that the more saved pages/bookmarks etc you add the slow it becomes, also when logged in for long it becomes slow for no apparent reasons.
    Copy function does not work well either, when copying content/words off a page you can’t paste in in msgs, .doc, notepad etc, even inside 5beta2. Only copy paste that works is if you write something and copy it than it pastes in 5beta2 only but not on phone’s editor (different). Thanks…