Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 – Tomorrow

By | August 29, 2007

Opera Mini 4 Beta 2So here you go, Opera Mini team tomorrow will be releasing Opera Mini 4 Beta 2. Developers promised new features, and as they say, some of them were added by Opera Mini users requests while other ones are completely new. As you know they haven’t just used Opera Mini 3 core, they rewrote it (bugs, bugs, bugs), this Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 also should be much faster as well.

New features? RSS Feeds (not confirmed). I think this one will be added. Why it wasn’t added in the first Opera Mini 4 Beta then? It wasn’t finished.
Opera Mini team also wrote that more than a few Opera Mini 3 features like secure connections and content folding wasn’t added in the first Beta release, but *some* of those features will be in the Beta 2.

One more thing: This is not the last beta. We will have Opera Mini 4 Beta 3 as well. I respect this decision, we want to have stable and finished releases, even if that requires Beta 3 or even Beta 4.

Download Opera Mini 4 Beta 1.

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  1. Tim Altman says:

    Your information is incorrect. The release will be tomorrow. It would be good to cite your sources, too. Here you go: http://my.opera.com/operamini/blog/get-ready-for-a-new-beta-version-of-opera-mini-4.