Firefox 3 Pre-Alpha 8 – New Nightly Build (28 Aug 2007)

By | August 28, 2007

FirefoxIt’s been just a few hours since I’ve posted about “Firefox 3 Pre-Alpha 8 – New Nightly Build (27 Aug 2007)”. I have more good news about Firefox 3 Pre-Alpha 8. 28 Aug 2007 build was just released. This nightly build fixes even more bugs than the previous one. Here’s what has been fixed:

  • [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-Aqua menu-style selects supress background, but not foreground [Mac]
  • [Core:Style System (CSS)]-Loading gmail leaks nsCSSValuePair objects [Lin]
  • [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-Listboxes cannot be styled [Mac]
  • [Firefox:Download Manager]-Have the download manager store the referring uri when appropriate (and use it in the front end) [All]
  • [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-ASSERTION: nsMenuX: :AttributeChanged: WRITE SHOW CODE FOR SUBMENU [Mac]
  • [Firefox:Places]-places’ sqlite file can get overly large, do incremental vacuuming [All]
  • [Firefox:Places]-inconsistent use of title / name in bookmarks UI [Win]
  • [Core:Layout: R & A Pos]-Clipped objects are sometimes not fully redrawn after clipping [Win]
  • [Core:GFX]-Full page zoom interacts badly with bfcache [All]
  • [Core:Layout]-Wrong menupopup positioning inside HTML table [Win]
  • [Core:Plug-ins]-nsNPObjWrapper: :GetNewOrUsed() removes PLDHash entries from the wrong table if OOM (JS) [All]
  • [Core:Build Config]-Upgrade Mozilla trunk to NSPR_HEAD_20070820 [All]
  • [Core:SVG]-New style nsSVGEnum [Lin]
  • [Firefox:Preferences]-accesskey duplicates on advanced tab [All]
  • [Core:DOM: Events]-nsDOMPopupBlockedEvent leaks an nsWeakReference [Lin]
  • [Core:JavaScript Engine]-js1_5/Exceptions/ regress-121658.js – Out of memory [All]
  • [Firefox:Places]-js error when I open the view menu in the places organizer (missing the view.sortBy.tags.* string properties) [All]
  • [Firefox:Places]-“view | show columns | name” is not disabled [All]
  • [Core:General]-Excessive memory usage and hang when downloading from [All]
  • [Firefox:Places]-Stop setting the bookmarkFeedURI annotation on livemark children [Mac]
  • [Toolkit:Storage]-crash when I try to VACUUM (StorageUnicodeFunctions: :likeFunction() should handle null aArgv[0] and aArgv[1]) [Win]
  • And just a reminder: This is NOT a final version. It contains bugs, use it on your own risk.


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