Opera for Tablets

By | January 3, 2011

Good news, Norwegian browser maker has just announced its plans to unveil the very first public preview of Opera for tablets at the CES 2011 (January 6-9).

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  1. Armin says:

    Interesting. I’ll keep this in mind if I ever decide to get a tablet!

  2. nobody says:

    anyone who knows at least a little about android knows amount of ‘effort’ it took to port it to tab..

    it is ZERO my friends, android 2.2 makes using large screens a breeze, as long as you remember to specify dimensions in ‘google pixels’ not direct px measure

    hope that they utilize this enormous real estate differently than on phones, but given how speed dial is identical, they probably don’t

    • Mancho says:

      I’m not sure what you mean. How would you make speed dial look any different than it does on any other device?

      • nobody says:

        like for instance id use the real estate to make it 4*4 or even 4*5, with rotation enabled.. it does not look like so in this movie.

        if youd have had ipad youd understood wha i mean about tablet vs phone apps. underlying system is the same, but these are two completey separate experiences. ignoring that is an error.

        • Mancho says:

          They didn’t even rotate the device, so I’m not sure how you can conclude that rotation isn’t enabled. Also, if they’re smart, they’ll allow the user to adjust the grid, just as they do on the desktop version. You seem to be making a lot of assumptions based off of very little information.

    • ouzowtf says:

      As Opera for Tablets will be based on Opera Mobile 10.5 it will OF COURSE be different than what currently is shown for Android, namely Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta.

      • nobody says:

        and it says where?

        given that all opera products look VERY similar on all devices (a wise design choice for crap-phones and old-smartphones – but not for XWVGA Desires, Nexuses nor Galaxys) and this seems to translate to tablets then im more than sure, that this will be scaled up version of current interface

        all ipad owners know that this does not work well. it woks, but feeling of wasted real estate is profound

          • Mancho says:

            My idiotic corp firewall block that. Could you summarize?

          • Andylee says:

            if somebody cannot read the link, I quote the most important sentence from over there “One of the first things you will notice is that Opera for Tablets is based on Opera Mobile 10.5.”.

          • Andylee says:

            another important quote from the article:

            “Opera for Tablets will support Flash.

            The new desktop extensions will not be supported by Opera for Tablets for now, but who knows what the future holds.”

            Furthermore it says that displays with the size of mobile phones would be supported.

        • nvm says:

          Why is it not a wise design choice to use the same basic look on all devices? If it looks good, one might as well use it. All it takes is bigger icons and some tweaks like that.

          For tablets there will probably have to be more actual changes, but the icons themselves can still simply be scaled up.