Dec, 2010 – Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari Share Up; Internet Explorer – Down

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Dec, 2010 - Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari Share Up; Internet Explorer - Down

All right, it’s time to check the browsers market share stats for the last month of 2011 that is December.

Internet Explorer continues to fall and is now approaching 50% level, dropping from 58.44% to 57.08% (1.36 point decrease).

Firefox the first time in 3 months, Firefox has increased its market share by 0.05 point, from 22.76% to 22.81%.

Google Chrome is dangerously close to 10% level, up from 9.26% to 9.98% (0.72 point increase).

Safari got a nice chunk of market share this time, moving up from 5.55% to 5.89% (0.36 point increase).

Just like Firefox, Opera has also seen some gains for the first time in 3 months, up from 2.20% to 2.23% (0.03 point increase).

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  • ben

    In Brazil, there are Chrome ads during prime time on main network TV. :)

    • Rafael

      Yep, huge marketing for the worst browser.

      • nvm

        How is Chrome “worst”?

        • Andy

          It’s generally agreed that Chrome is the fastest and most stable browser.

  • Shane Bundy

    We’re not even at the last month of 2011 yet, we’ve still got the rest of it to go. :P

  • ay

    So what is increasin faster chrome’s market share or its version numbers?

  • Matthew

    IE is destined to go down because MS is locking XP users out of IE9. MS is limiting their future to those who will migrate to Windows 7. Too many people are perfectly happy with XP.

    • Andylee

      XP market share is around 50% (or a little bit more). There are no new pcs sold with XP. The newest PCs with xp preinstalled are already at least one year old. So therefore you can count on most users having switched to win7 until 2012 (I estimate an average lifetime of a normal PC to be 3 years).