Opera Dragonfly, No News for You

By | March 19, 2008

Some time ago David Storey wrote an article on his blog about “a mysterious project” called “Opera Dragonfly”. Although he said that “We’ll likely have more to say about it at SxSW in Austin Texas.”, we haven’t heard anything yet (at least I haven’t). What about you? Looks like they’ve just decided not to release any more details yet…

Opera Dragonfly Home Page

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  1. bill says:

    Looks like they’re trying to learn how to do viral marketing and from the press they’ve gotten so far they have a long ways to go in generating interest.

  2. David Storey says:

    If you swung by our booth to pick up a flyer, attended our Barcamp Austin talk, or met us at the Rock Opera event at SxSW, you would have got some more information. The website should be updated soon.

  3. Thanks David,

    We’ll wait for that :-)

  4. John says:

    Regardless of what ‘bill’ says, it is effective. I know that for me, at least, The excitement is very high and I am expecting another great Opera product!

  5. krieg says:

    Some of us WERE at sxsw and we saw/were told nothing relevant. sorry but vague clues are ‘nothing’.

    You yet realise that you’ve overstretch a very thin string? Or you still think that your users have endless patience? You havent got many users left. And making fun of that three last webdevs that give a damn about supporting opera in mainstream sites will cost you dearly. It was a very costly (like in $$$) dissapointment for me, you can be sure, that it is going to impact my business decissions on browser support. You are free to guess how.

  6. deuseggs says:

    @krieg – yeah, you’re right, 20 million users are hardly any. And I’m sure people on a third-party site are truly concerned about threats made by an anonymous person on the internet.

    If you don’t know what Dragonfly is, why are you so concerned about it? How does not knowing about a product you’re not using (because it hasn’t even been demonstrated yet) make any difference to you at all? If you make business decisions based on internet rumours, I would seriously doubt the integrity of your business.

  7. krieg says:

    You frankly dont need to understand or trust in integrity of my bussiness :) I dont care about ‘anonymous person on the internet’s’ opinion.

    But, if you cant understand what stands written before you, sorry, I cant help you. So I’m not going to even bother disscussing with your semi-points.

    But one note. 20 mils? In language of percents it is ~1%. I gladly will exchange 1% of income for not having to bother with supporting Opera with it’s horrible dev-capabilities and long standing bugs. Silverlight? Shockwave? Plugins management? .NET libraries? Sorry, Opera is XXth century program. But it almost pases acid3 test. Wow. Just wow. With current trend, test cases are going to be the only pages that Opera can render 100%.

    Add to that, that Opera is one of the last companies on earth that thinks that: a) secrecy is cool b) users are annoyance and their wishes arent important (autoupdate, spellcheck, extensions etc requested daily) c) providing roadmap for the product isnt cool. It is also company that has the most terrible marketing and PR division ever.

    Btw. My company site has 10mil UU daily and covers more than 50% of the market. Guess what browser is not going to work after next re-roll?
    I can afford loosing that 1% (I can spend that resources on things that will generate more than that 1%), can Opera afford it? Downloading FF is so easy these days and FF3 beats Opera in EVERY way. And then you can download extensions..

  8. lockoom says:

    @krieg: We so terribly don’t care about your company. Which is probably a product of your mind…

    Anyway, site is updated. One can add himseft to mailing list. Wow that’s cool :P
    And capcha is linked from http://www.operamini.com site…

    @dstorey: How about saying a word to people who live on different continent then Austin, Texas is located? Just a small hint… :)