Firefox 3 Beta 5 Details

By | March 19, 2008

Firefox 3 Beta 5Although Firefox 3 Beta 4 was released just 1 week ago, there’s some news about Firefox 3 Beta 5 already. As Henrik Gemal wrote, the upcoming release of Firefox 3 will have an improved connection parallelism. So what does that mean? It will actually make Firefox 3 Beta 5 even more faster. As he stated, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) already got this improvement, where they’ve decided to increase the concurrent connections per host from 2 to 6. Also, Firefox 3 Beta 5 will have an increased limit of maximum HTTP connections, from 24 to 30.

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  1. Joe H. says:

    So far I don’t have a very good opinion of Beta 5. I uninstalled my previous incarnation of Firefox due to issues with Gecko and the like, and yum chose this version to install. Sure, it may be faster, but without navigation buttons, it’s one of the most useless browsers I’ve ever used. Anybody have a fix for this, or having the same problem, or am I alone in this?

  2. lkalkal says:

    try view —> toolbars —>customize toolbars –> restore default set

  3. Joe H. says:

    Thanks for the attempt, but I tried this, and had no luck. I’m getting pretty discouraged because I was having a fair amount of problem with Firefox 2 in Linux as well. I have to say that when I was using Firefox as my browser in Windows, I strangely didn’t have this many issues.

  4. rhace27 says:

    No flashblock. They really need to change the way they do plugin compatibility. it is badly broken right now.

  5. Josh says:

    right click one of the toolbars. Hit customize. Drag the back/forward buttons to where you want it. There you go.

  6. prachurja says:

    its new and easy for me .now i use it as my default browser ………….