Opera 9.52 Released

By | August 20, 2008

http://www.favbrowser.com/images/opera.gifOpera Team today released an update for its Opera 9.5 series web browser which is 9.52. The following release fixes quite a lot of issues in the following areas: user interface, mail, news, chat, display and scripting, security and more.

Changes since Opera 9.51

User Interface
Added several improvements to the icons and skin
Added a bookmark path to autocompleted bookmarks in the address bar to better distinguish them from visited pages
Added a Help button to “Engine Init() Failed” error message on start-up to inform users about a problem

Mail, News, Chat
Fixed an issue where “Mark all as read” in Opera Mail would also mark as read some mails not visible in the current view
Fixed the creation of the POP AOL/aim.com account
Fixed a problem with POP accounts where message bodies were not downloaded
Added work-arounds for problems with various POP servers
Fixed mail appearance when Opera is installed in a folder with a “#” character in its name
Fixed a problem that could occur when opening mail notification popups on a secondary monitor
Fixed a problem connecting to online.no
Note: Users experiencing problems with online.no should change their incoming server to use Plaintext authentication
Fixed a problem updating signature when switching accounts
Fixed a problem where UI would not update after unsubscribing an IMAP folder
Fixed an issue where IRC would disconnect users without informing them

Display and Scripting
Fixed an issue with history navigation: an iframe with document.write is not added to history anymore
window.close() now functions after invoking a context menu – now also works in widgets
Fixed a URL encoding issue: javascript: URLs
Fixed an issue with lists not displaying correctly when text is rendering in RTL
Fixed a problem where content blocker adds a generalized block rule when using the Details button

Fixed a startup crash that could allow execution of arbitrary code: see our advisory
Sites can no longer change framed content on other sites: see our advisory
Fixed an issue that could allow cross-site scripting, as reported by Chris Weber of Casaba Security: details will be disclosed at a later date
Custom shortcuts no longer pass the wrong parameters to applications, as reported by Michael A. Puls II: see our advisory
Prevented insecure pages from showing incorrect security information, as reported by Lars Kleinschmidt: see our advisory
Feed links can no longer link to local files: see our advisory
Feed subscription can no longer cause the wrong page address to be displayed: see our advisory

Fixed a problem where Gmail would not load
Fixed the opening of files in external applications when disk cache is off
Fixed an issue with low quality on YouTube video previews
Embedded YouTube videos should work more often now without having to reload
Fixed RealPlayer on BBC
Fixed a small memory leak in the BitTorrent code
Fixed some translation errors

Windows-specific changes
Returned the Windows shell menu to the Transfer context menu
Fixed the opening of PDF files in Acrobat Reader plug-in when the folder contains special characters
Added a “Close Tab” entry to the File menu

Download Opera 9.52

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