Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and Private Browsing

By | August 20, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and Private BrowsingRumors are all over the net that the upcoming release of Microsoft’s next generation web browser IE will feature a private browsing feature (Mozilla Firefox decided to drop this one and haven’t or won’t include in Firefox 3.0/3.1).

So what is this all about?

Private browsing enables user to surf the web without leaving any “logs “about its activity. There will be no caching, cookies, history or neither the form data.

Why would you need this feature anyway? As most people notice, it’s for adult site users. Of course, this is not the only use. Some of the IE users requested this feature for ages. Maybe Microsoft is finally listening to its users?

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  1. andresruiz says:

    Not only for adult sites man, I use it very often when I’m surfing on non frecuent sites, I just don’t like sites leaving info on mi PC, I don’t want their cookies, I don’t want those URLs to be on my history because when I look my history I want to see the best sites not 100 useless sites that I visited just once.

  2. Morbus says:

    This is probably the main reason why I use NoScript and CookieSafe. I’m always on secure mode :D

    And the history is not a problem (for me) as nobody else uses my firefox profile. My firefox instal? Sure, but not on my profile. My passwords are MINE!

  3. Sn3ipen says:

    Did you know that Microsoft has filled a patent for this feature even there is a plugin for Firefox that does tha same and Safari have this feature buildt in for som etime now. They even filled a patent for the PgUp and PgDn buttons to be used in IE8. Thats a real shame if you ask me.

  4. james bogin says:

    Private browsing is not so private. Just check your registry. You leave tracks for every site visited…

  5. stephanie says:

    how do you check your registry