Opera 9.5, February 1st Release

By | February 1, 2008

Opera 9.5, January 1st ReleaseOpera Desktop Team just released a first weekly build this month. Please note that this is not a final release, those builds still contains lots of bugs and various issues.

Known issues

  • Crash when you clear history while history search is disabled
  • Format selector when saving pages is broken
  • Some plugins on Mac don’t work at all
  • Plugins crash Opera on UNIX
  • Bugs fixed

  • Images in mail and standalone images are now printed
  • Significant mail startup speed improvement on systems with NTFS and ReiserFS filesystems, like Windows and openSUSE.
  • Fixed a rare crash when importing Thunderbird mail
  • Reduced CPU usage when downloading mail
  • Fixed the “prioritize excludelist” option in urlfilter.ini
  • Fixed import of IE favorites with dots in their name
  • Fixed issue where you would get duplicate trash folders when using Opera Link
  • Fixed a few spatial navigation issues (Shift+arrows to navigate on the page)
  • The spam filter should start remembering marked mail on Windows now
  • Fixed a CSS parser error that caused layout errors on Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Last.fm etc.
  • Fixed dynamic updating of CSS3 selectors (:first-child, :last-child, :empty etc. selectors)
  • Opera now supports getClientRects and getBoundingClientRect
  • Added support for the CSS color and background-color properties for the ::selection pseudo-element
  • UNIX: Fixed a crasher when closing tabs when using the MDI controls (present without close button on tabs)
  • UNIX: Tooltip generation CPU usage is again back to normal
  • Windows: Torrent applications now show up correctly in the download dialog if you’ve disabled Bittorrent in Opera
  • Download Opera 9.5 for Windows (Build 9770)
    Download Opera 9.5 for Windows (Classic Installer) (Build 9770)
    Download Opera 9.5 for Macintosh (Build 4634)
    Download Opera 9.5 for UNIX (Build 1786)

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    Comments (6)

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    1. kyleabaker says:

      “Opera 9.5, January 1st Release”
      Shouldn’t that be..
      “Opera 9.5, February 1st Release” ..?

    2. konfusion says:

      Yeah, I was thinking the same: January first was a month ago…
      For a second you had me looking at the date.

    3. dinux says:

      Very buggy build. In 5mins. crached more that 10 times.
      Back to older build.

    4. konfusion says:

      Isn’t this the same beta that’s been out for a while now though?

    5. Yes,

      It should be Feb. Fixed. Sorry guys.

    6. Kelson says:

      @konfusion, Opera has been releaseing weekly previews of 9.5 for several months. These are newer than the last actual beta they released, but haven’t gone through all the testing and stabilization that betas get.