Firefox 3, February 1st Release

By | February 1, 2008

Firefox 3 BetaYet another Firefox nightly build (2008 02 01) was just released. This is not a final release, use it on your own risk.

Bugs fixed

  • #353962 [Core:JavaScript Engine] – Firefox 2.0 often hangs in Intel Mac OS X 10.4.7 [Mac]
  • #354135 [Core:JavaScript Engine] – jsxml.c does not check for too deep recursion [All]
  • #374040 [Core:Internationalization] – nsIScriptable DateFormat does not work as expected with dateFormatLong [Lin]
  • #395034 [Firefox:Password Manager] – Password notification bar needs icon [All]
  • #395813 [Firefox:Places] – Weird behavior with add bookmarks dialog (long dialogs with extra fields/delete and done buttons don’t work/title not filled out) [All]
  • #399606 [Firefox:Places] – Places counts auto-refreshes as page visits [All]
  • #402486 [Firefox:Places] – deleting lots of items from the history sidebar is slow, locks up browser until finished [All]
  • #405095 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets] – datetimepicker suppresses most keyboard shortcuts [All]
  • #410461 [Firefox:Download Manager] – List of “Other” applications has no accessible names [All]
  • #411088 [Firefox:Places] – when deleting a tagged bookmark from the places organizer, the tag remains [All]
  • #411249 [Other Applications: JavaScript Debugger] – Top crash [@ jsds_Script HookProc][@jsds ScriptHookProc (JSDContext*, JSDScript*, int, void*)] on shutdown with Firebug 1.1.0b10 installed [All]
  • #411725 [Firefox:OS Integration] – Modify theme for keyhole shaped back/forward buttons on Windows [Win]
  • #411847 [Firefox:General] – About box for customized distributions doesn’t show distribution name [All]
  • #413250 [Core:General] – chrome directory traversal (local disk access via “flat” addons) [All]
  • #413627 [Core:Security: PSM] – nsCertOverride Service can’t register observers (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [All]
  • #413806 [Firefox:OS Integration] – Land Windows icons for Beta 3 [Win]
  • #414018 [Firefox:Find Toolbar / FastFind] – crash when pressing shift-tab after using FAYT [All]
  • #414808 [Core:Security: PSM] – ASSERTION: Oops! You’re asking for a weak reference to an object that doesn’t support that.: ‘factoryPtr’ [All]
  • #414845 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets] – Urlbar history dropmarker pushed state [Lin]
  • #414930 [Firefox:Places] – Unable to drag and drop URLs to Bookmarks Toolbar [All]
  • #414931 [Firefox:RSS Discovery and Preview] – define TYPE_ MAYBE_FEED only where it’s used [All]
  • #414974 [Firefox:Places] – Regression: User should not be able to delete system(?) folders in Library left pane – Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, Unfiled Bookmarks [All]
  • #414982 [Core:DOM] – Use gcZeal setting in nsJSE nvironment, as we once did with WAY_TOO_MUCH_GC [All]
  • #414997 [NSPR:NSPR] – PR_NewThread PrivateIndex contract is violated by PR CreateThread impls [Lin]
  • #415017 [Core:XPCOM] – “ASSERTION: Fault in cycle collector: script pointer traversal failed” [All]
  • #415101 [Firefox:Places] – wrong bookmark and tags edited from the star menu [All]
  • #415160 [Firefox:Places] – saved searches should be selected after being created [All]
  • #415170 [Toolkit:Breakpad Integration] – On Mac OS X, any comment is omitted by the Crash Reporter [Mac]
  • Partial Landings/WIPs/Incoming:

  • #405095 BACKOUT [Toolkit:XUL Widgets] – datetimepicker suppresses most keyboard shortcuts [All]
  • #414901 BACKOUT [Core:XPCOM] – Back out scriptable IO [All]
  • #342954 [Core:XBL] – [FIX]”ASSERTION: SetMayHaveFrame failed?” involving XBL [All]
  • #398627 [Firefox:File Handling] – make icons for “always ask” and “save file” actions in Applications prefpane [All]
  • #408797 [Firefox:Password Manager] – Implement Change Password as a notification bar [All]
  • Regressions/Annoying/Common bugs:

  • #337761 [Core:XPCOM] – Folder does not open anymore for dragged link [All]
  • #339804 [Firefox:General] – Multiple login requests for authentification proxies if sessionstore is enabled [Win]
  • #385245 [Firefox:Places] – history sidebar very slow (way slower than fx2) [All]
  • #386343 [Firefox:General] – Breakpad doesn’t work [Win]
  • #388209 [Firefox:Places] – bookmarks menu dnd indicator not visible if I want to drop an item before a separator [Win]
  • #400075 [Core:ImageLib] – long delays painting the app when it’s brought to the foreground. [Win]
  • #410330 [Core:Plug-ins] – Very high memory and CPU usage. Browser becomes unresponsive [Win]
  • Download Firefox 3 (2008 02 01) build now.

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