Opera 12.2 Final Coming Early Next Year?

By | October 25, 2012

Opera 12.2 Final Coming Early Next Year?Not pleased with the user growth.

During yesterday’s Q&A with the investors, Opera’s management has shared some details about its prospects going forward and how will it affect future revenue.

According to the keynote, they are not pleased with the desktop growth and although Opera is keeping up in the key markets like Russia, there is no excitement anywhere else.

When asked about the performance of Opera 12 since July, Opera’s management said, “it performed okay and we haven’t seen a growth that we were hoping to see”.

Interestingly enough, they promised “strong products” at the beginning of the new year, which would indicate that the final version of Opera 12.2 has already a pre-set release date.

There was also a good peace about the slowed down growth in September, which was blamed on the Saudi Arabia and other countries that were blocking Opera.

You can listed to the webcast in the following page.

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    • Hiram says:

      I’m pretty sure that he did mean 12.2, as 12.10 is likely to come out before the end of this year.