Opera 11 Beta Tomorrow

By | November 22, 2010

Just a quick shout out from Opera Software as company plans to release the Beta version of Opera 11 web browser tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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  1. daddylo says:

    I like Extensions.
    But I can survive even without it though :).

    Best browser got better :) . Way to go ……

  2. nobody says:

    its on ftp already

    1) tab grouping – great. lots of rough edges, but entire concept is great and looks like combination of best extensions from chrome, ff and tab features from maxhon. it is something (implementation, not idea) that will be immediately copied by others, and for a reason

    1a) tab previews are more modern than previous ones. this is also a plus, heavily based on win7 but anyway

    2) address bar is.. a monument of idiocy. hiding query string? to make people even more dumb? some thought and effort is required to progress, making everything easy will make us a race of imbecils, this already happens. so query string were too tough.. okay. but at the same time they add this ‘trusted/secure’ nightmare (what is better: trusted site or secure site?) and show me a single culture where YELLOW means something other than WARNING. had opera even told public what the hell were they thinking? too much booze in the cold north?

    3) mouse gestures are scary… that was a killer feature and now they were dumbed down (notice a pattern?). they barely work with remote desktop now (my fault, i lag a lot now) and this animation is.. well.. insult to any old/advanced user)

    4) how the fuck they are OK with puting their ugly O in my tray? this is a high school attitude. just get rid of this crap.

    5) signing rss is a complete nightmare, what is with this panel i cannot shut down?

    6) yahoo mail crash, google instant fail, facebook fail, twitter new look fail, amazon kindle fail, silverlight fail, dragonfly crap etc. __version 11 does not fix any of these issues__. and this is the shortest summary [anyone who says, that these issues do not exist, just GTFO troll, they do, and are described in details on opera forums, blogs and whatnots]

    7) crashed on exit..

    btw nvm and craperflack – dont expect my response, approaching johanesburg and i really have better things to do than to polemize with 13yo pimple carriers (opera logo shaped pimples)

    • Rafael says:

      First, this is a ****BETA****

      6) yahoo mail crash (not here)
      google instant fail (Google is blockin Opera http://techie-buzz.com/browsers/google-instant-opera.html )
      facebook fail (what? it works great here)
      twitter new look fail (Twitter didn’t implemented non-prefixed CSS for Opera and some IE9)
      amazon kindle fail (?)
      silverlight fail (Microsoft is the one who need to give official support)

      • nobody says:

        ‘this is beta’ – yeah, heard that before. mostly JUST before BETA/RC/ALPHA turned to ‘final’ overnight. it happened before, it will happen again with opera.

        – new yahoo mail (non-classic) crashes opera constantly
        – google instant is blocked, because IT DOES NOT WORK. unblock it and check yourself. it seems ok, but it isnt, try deleting letter, try using back button, try inserting non-letter characters etc. opera cannot handle it properly and was blocked
        – facebook chat/@mentions do not work 100% with opera (@mentions never did, it is an opera core bug, details on sitepatching blog)
        – twitter.. well, opera knows it is being ignored for ages now, they should have had implemented: if (we know how to handle proprietary -moz/-webkit) then {we pretend it does not have -moz/-webkit). it took me 10 seconds to come up with a solution. but whining is easier
        – silverlight fail ISNT ms fault. it is opera with too paranoid and non standard Netscape Plugin implementation. somehow silverlight works in ff/safari versions that are older than silverlight itself..

        google docs, deviantart, gmail chat, even linkedin is borked.. incompatibility was to be a focus of 10 series. but it seems that focus was on widgets and unite (please, no BS about ‘but these are different coders..’ grow up, go to work and see how software houses work)

        • nvm says:

          No crash at Yahoo here.

          Facebook works fine.

          Twitter works fine.

          Silverlight works fine.

          DeviantArt works fine.

          As for widgets, they are making Opera money, but we all know you are ignorant about Opera.

        • Rafael says:

          “– new yahoo mail (non-classic) crashes opera constantly”
          Works here, my primary web-mail is new Yahoo! Mail (non-classic) and I don’t have such problems.

          “– google instant is blocked, because IT DOES NOT WORK. unblock it and check yourself. it seems ok, but it isnt, try deleting letter, try using back button, try inserting non-letter characters etc. opera – new yahoo mail (non-classic) crashes opera constantly”cannot handle it properly and was blocked”
          I hear everything works fine. If back doesn’t work it doesn’t means it can’t work in Opera. They could have implemented it differently to work on all browsers or something…

          “– facebook chat/@mentions do not work 100% with opera (@mentions never did, it is an opera core bug, details on sitepatching blog)”


          I don’t want to comment about Silverlight when it’s of course M$ fault, it has been already discussed a lot even on this blog so I’ll just let you be stupid alone.

    • daddylo says:

      It’s beta. Opera definition about beta, “Thoroughly tested, though known to contain BUGS”
      Agreed about yellow though. But then what other colour they can use ?

      Seriously dude….. you just use Opera to find the bugs/problems ?

      Also can you also post about good stuff , other than bugs/issues with Opera ?

    • nvm says:

      Opera is copying Chrome again by hiding the protocol. But hiding the query string is going way too far. On the other hand, do non-geeks actually look at it? I doubt it. You are not going to make people smarter by overwhelming them with information they don’t care about.

      If they add a way to show the query string for hardcore geeks, I don’t see any problems.

      Even if yellow means warning, that’s what Opera has always been using because some browser security organization decided on it.

      You are too worried about “dumbing down.” It isn’t dumbing down. It’s simplifying and making things easier and more streamlined. You know, what Chrome has been doing all along, and which Opera and Firefox have started copying.

      I had a quick test, and this beta worked fine with Facebook and Twitter. Silverlight works too. We all know that your opinion about Dragonfly is based on your own moronic attitude.

      No crash on exit either.

      Looks like you are so desperate that you have to invent stuff to be able to bash Opera. Hilarious!

      • Rafael says:

        Chrome hides the protocol permanently, Opera implementation is much better because you can get the full URL when clicking/right-clicking.

  3. Armin says:

    Gmail and Outlook Web Access better work now.

  4. mikah says:

    Been playing with the beta great improvements for the tab bar mouse gestures now work perfectly again even with the visual gestures turned on.
    Easy to turn off visual gestures in opera:config :)
    Love the shrinking pinned tabs.
    The scrolling & zooming of pages is so smooth in Opera compared to the other more primitive browsers like Firefox & Chrome.

    I feel sorry for nobody, Opera releases a great beta that must be really hurting him.

  5. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Will Opera 11 Beta faster than Chrome 8 Beta ?
    I don’t know where exactly the IE 9 is now (without the dead code elimination). Is IE 9 still faster without the dead code elimination optimization ?

    Can someone get those results ?

    • daddylo says:

      My PC , Opera fast :).
      Launch time Chrome seems to be fast ( 1 second) but then Opera ( 1-2 second/s)have to load speeddial , notes and bookmarks.

  6. mikah says:

    Opera already beats all versions of Chrome (for most people) in the Peacekeeper tests in Windows OS.
    It also beats Chrome in the Kraken tests.
    Sunspider Chrome beats Opera but its very close.
    Chrome beats Opera in V8 Benchmark (Chrome designed the benchmark)
    This beta looks good in Peacekeeper but Peacekeeper halts on the last test & throws an error.
    Its a problem with the Peacekeeper site & affects all browsers.
    IE is not the fastest in the Sunspider test without the code fix, its not very important any more all the browsers are close & run the test fast.

  7. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Opera 11 is @ http://www.opera.com/press/releases/2010/11/23/

    New improvement in tab :

    Now its time for others to copy :)

    • Love the implementation, but I’d give a credit to Mozilla for the idea. :-)

      • Andylee says:

        yes I would also credit mozilla for the basic ground-laying idea,…. or not ;-)

        Opera had kind of the tab grouping for a long time through the windows panel (but like many opera features, it was not very intuitive and user-friendly)…. so this basically is merging the already existing feature into a user-friendly and intuitive way that only needs one browser window (instead of one per stack when doing the same with the windows panel).

        But without Mozilla, I really doubt they would have come up with that at all (I personally requested this feature about a year ago at a high Opera representative and he went kind of “nay, not yet planned” and now as Mozilla goes for it, they suddenly do want to have it too).

      • nvm says:

        What idea would you give Mozilla credit for?

          • nvm says:

            I still don’t understand what idea you are referring to.

            Grouping of tabs? Opera has already done that for years (use the windows panel and separate windows).

            Tab stacking is nothing like Panorama. Panorama is over-engineered garbage that requires you to switch to a new window to manage open tabs, while stacking is a simple way to just handle tabs where they already are.

            Stacking is nothing like Panorama, except they both aim to group tabs. And Opera did that long before Panorama even existed.

            But maybe you are referring to something else?