Mozilla’s 2009 Financial Statement

By | November 19, 2010

Mozillas 2009 Financial Statement

34% increase in revenue.

For the calendar year 2009, Mozilla reported revenue of $104 million, up 34% from the year 2008 $78 million.

According to the statement, a whopping 97% of Mozilla’s income comes from the search deals. Unfortunately, company did not disclose the percentage of searches it sends to each search provider.

As from the visualization below, there are now more than 400 million Firefox users where 140 million of them are active every day. Furthermore, Mozilla reported close to 1 million Firefox 4 Beta testers.

Mozillas 2009 Financial Statement

See the following post for more details.

Thanks, Armin.

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  1. RamaSubbu SK says:

    If I search something in Google, Would Mozilla share that search info with Yahoo ?

  2. lutze says:

    Why they are showing 2009 financial statement at the end of 2010?

    • cousin333 says:

      2010 is obviously not finished yet. You don’t get one from Opera also (only for 2010 Q3 which was finished 2 months ago), because it takes time to calculate everything.

      • lutze says:

        Where did I said that anything about 2010 statement? I’m just asking why it took them 11 months to publish 2009 statement.

        • Geek says:

          because its Mozilla. look at their pace building FFv4.

        • cousin333 says:

          OK, my fault. Maybe because they are an open company…

          What is interesting is the annual report from Opera for 2009. It states 612 738 thousands NOK (Norwegian krone) as the total income for the year. Although the exchange rate is changed through the year (see:, if we assume $0.17 for each NOK, that means almost the same amount of income ($104.165 million actually) as for Firefox in the same year.

          Not long ago, in 2007 Opera got about $45 million while FF got ~$75 million, so much more. Things are much more even now, and so far 2010 looks like a promising year to Opera.

    • For some reason, Mozilla always reports they earnings in the mid of November.

  3. nvm says:

    What, no negative quips? Is that only reserved for Google and Opera?