Opera 11.10 Coming

By | February 14, 2011 | 18 Comments

Opera 11.10 ComingAccording to Opera Desktop Team blog post, the upcoming 11.10 web browser version code name is Barracuda.

Although not much information was given, it was revealed that one of the popular Opera features will be “taken to the next level” and that the very first snapshot is coming in the near future.

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  • mr.lutze

    According to what some devs said on twitter that next Opera version will have 64-bit version for Windows. And I’m guessing updated feature will be Tab Stacking or maybe Speed Dial.

  • Greg

    Hope they fix the bugs

    • Greg

      Also when Opera updates its something serious not like other browsers with minor half results.

    • Stew

      I’m not really seeing much in the way of bugs. Opera 11.01 is obviously the best Opera to date.

  • Johnny

    10 bucks it’s Speed dial improvements.

  • Dan

    Its gonna be opera unite improvements…

  • Andylee

    lol everyone guesses for something else. to throw in a new option: dragonfly improvement!

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  • fghghg

    mr.lutze, can you give us a link? who said that?

  • web

    i’m going for an opera link’s final overhaul

    • Stew

      Formfill, M2 Contacts, Encrpyted Wand Data.

      I wouldn’t need LastPass extension and my contacts would finally be in sync (how they have not included contact sync before now is beyond me).

  • Ichann

    Fast Browsing engine.

    You know the one like chrome and not the artificial speed tests.

    • Relgoshan

      I’ll get back to you when it stops crashing so frequently. Seems it can’t handle the volume of tabs that I consume.

    • Stew


      Out of Mozilla, Google, Apple and Microsoft, Opera are the ONLY ones that havn’t felt the need to write a benchmark suite that shows of the strong points of their browser.

      That is because Opera’s speed speaks for itself and doesn’t need benchmark fakery…

    • Heath

      BUT, just in case, run Peacekeeper. LOL.