Download Internet Explorer 9 RC

By | February 10, 2011

Download Internet Explorer 9 RC

The wait is over.

Microsoft has just uploaded the RC build to company servers and download links are already floating all over the web.

What’s new?
Ability to filter ActiveX controls
Performance improvements
Standards improvements
Tracking protection
Minor UI changes
95/100 on ACID3


Download Internet Explorer 9 RC

Build Number: 9.00.8080.16413
Download IE9 RC (English)
Download IE9 RC x64 (English)

Via: WinRumors
Source: IEBlog

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  1. It also has new HTML features. The x64 version is much slower than the x86 version, artificial benchmark wise.

  2. Noacidplease says:

    Please stop referring to Acid which is a Google test if you are going to compare when there are real test suites from W3C. Acid and htmltest aren’t really tests they just pick fragments of ready hand half-ready technologies,

  3. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Just now I installed this RC build. So far it is running smooth. Finally – RC release came which means no more improvements only bigger bug fixes, Cool. IE 9 RTM is very close then.

    IE 9 is definitely one among those good browsers , no one can deny now.

  4. ShameShame says:

    downloading it now baby

  5. sarjoor says:

    You are totally wrong! Acid3 and HTML5Test are REAL tests.

    Acid3 is NOT a Google test. Acid3 is a Web Standards Project test. Read the details at and

    HTML5Test is NOT a Google test. HTML5Test is created by Niels Leenheer and developed at GitHub. Read the details at the bottom of , , and

  6. Shane Bundy says:

    I found out yesterday that IE9 RC doesn’t work at publishing posts on Facebook. I can’t publish feeds to mine or other people’s walls (although I can still share comments, links, etc).

  7. ipristy says:

    More like a beta than RC, can’t run Peacekeeper (string error), cooliris crash at first start, well Sunspider is maybe top score but the rest of bencmarks get rubbish results.

    • RamaSubbu SK says:

      Come on!
      Why are you not thinking that PeaceKeeper and Cooliris has to test their product for IE 9.
      IE 9 benchmarks are not that bad to call rubbish.

  8. coldbluefire says:

    Best aplication ever. Greetings and thanks to author/s from Poland. :D
    What with passwords? (Opera)
    (sorry for my poor english)

  9. Heath says:

    At least it doesn’t look like complete crap UI wise.

  10. Mikah says:

    Has problems downloading, initiate a download & it just sits there twiddling its thumbs.
    Have to view downloads Ctrl J to start the download

  11. Mark says:

    Look at PC Mag’s review:,2817,2369163,00.asp

    Chrome scores highest in Googles V8 Benchmark
    Firefox scores highest in Mozilla Benchmark
    IE9 scores highest in Microsoft’s Benchmark

    Opera comes out second in all the benchmarks that are tuned to a particular browsers strength. Which is WHY Opera feels the fastest in day to day use rather than synthetic benchmarks created purely for marketing reasons. You would have to be a total idiot to fall for these “benchmarks”, and I’m glad that Opera haven’t fallen into the trap of dedicating resources to making a benchmark that makes Opera look great.

  12. Tracking Protection Lists do not block anything for me, I have written a test case in the Quero forum, can anybody confirm this?