Opera 10 Reaches 10 Million Downloads

By | September 8, 2009

Opera 10 Reaches 10 Million Downloads

Opera Software today announced that the final version of Opera 10 has already been downloaded 10 million times during first week of release.

Just for a record: Firefox 3.5 was downloaded more than 5 million times within 24 hours. Safari 4 reached 11 million downloads in 3 days.

Download Opera 10 Final.


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  1. Washout says:

    Those 11 million Safari downloads were due to Apple pushing it through their QuickTime, iTunes, etc. installers. At least that’s what Mozilla figured.

  2. Tiago Sá says:

    I think it’s ok that they falsify their stats. It attracts stupid investors, and if they have more money, maybe they can start making decent browsers, who knows?

    • Thoe says:

      Falsify their own stats? What on earth are you talking about?

      Opera has 40-50 million users. That’s one number.

      This number is the number of downloads in a week. Downloads are not the same as number of users. But a large number of downloads indicates interest in the new version, which will most likely translate to more users.

      I don’t get you anti-Opera trolls. Why do you keep spewing nonsense like your comment?

  3. o bit says:

    thats bs. they hardly have any users! If mozilla got 5 million, they probably got maybe 500,000. Unless Opera downloaded their own browser from their servers 11 million times. lol

    • Thoe says:

      No, Opera has 40-50 million users. 10 million is just the number of downloads in one week. Not all downloads translate to new users, but a huge increase in downloads like this indicates a huge increase in interest.

      Why would they try to inflate the download numbers? They control the system which counts these downloads, so they can pretty much do anything. But unlike Mozilla, Opera has a history of being trustworthy.

      • nobody says:

        they have a history of not being caught

        as for a lie – their CEO didnt swim acros atlantic :) so opera isnt trustworthy after all

        a note: yes, it is worthless argument, just like yours

        • Pallab says:

          yeah lol..that was a nice PR stunt.
          Well we are trusting them blindly here as far as numbers are concerned. But, I definitely trust Opera more than MS,Mozilla or Apple.

        • Washout says:

          A history of not being caught for what?

          The atlantic swim was an obvious PR stunt. Everyone realized that, so don’t even pretend that it is a good example of Opera lying.

          Anyway, you are the guy who claimed that Opera Unite slowed down Opera 10.0. LOL :D

  4. o bit says:


  5. pneumatyka says:

    Opera is very good alternative, I always recommend Opera to my customers.
    They like it, especially lots of additional features working out-of-the-box. Most of them doesn’t know what a plugin is (literally they don’t even know what this word means). I recommend it because of security, and very low resource consumption. Its perfect browser for not so young hardware. Hell, opera still works on Win98.
    Now, with turbo feature I have another reason to recommend it. Thank you Opera for making such an excellent browser!

  6. Dels says:

    The possible reason, is Opera has many features out-of-box and they always pioneer on browser innovation (trash can, browser session, user agent switcher, integrated rss & mail client, built-in search, turbo, unite, and much more to come…). I love it, i even use it as my primary browser since 2001 (long before firefox born, netscape era?) and now it’s still my #1, #2 was the fox-on-fire

  7. Swith to Opera 10 says:

    Those who bash Opera has clearly never tried the browser. I’m proud to say that I switch from Chrome to Opera as my main browser now. This is my first time to actually use Opera and after just a few minutes fell in love with it. I have all the major browsers installed and regularly updated on my windows 7 machine and I have say Opera is really fast with a lot of great features out of the box. Firefox has been sluggish and crashes a lot (probably because of flash), Chrome is fast but too bare, Safari is also fast but a resource hog on memory. Opera for me got the sweet spot of being a responsive, feature rich browser.

    So in conclusion, I do believe on the claim that Opera was downloaded 10 million times. I suggest people try it before they judge. Who knows, you might love like I do now.

  8. blah says:

    Well, Opera is going for 10% in Poland next week. They gained over 0.4% this week alone, and Opera is at 9.66% in Poland. Another strong week and the 10% barrier will be broken.

  9. Z Note says:

    I am also one from 10 Million Downloads.

    Using Opera since 3.x

  10. George says:

    I’m also one of the 10mil people… Love Opera!! No other browser is as elegant at surfing the web.