Opera 10 Beta to Feature New Skin

By | May 26, 2009 | 9 Comments

Here is another piece of information for you. The upcoming Opera 10 Beta release will have a new/refined skin. Hicksdesign (guy, who is working on it) said earlier this month on his Twitter:

“New Opera skin will be in the v10 beta, so response is internal so far. Dreading the day the public sees it!

Trying to achieve a standard Opera look, that’s tweaked for Mac. This is more of a clean up for 10 though.”

Opera 9
Opera 9

Opera 10
Opera 10

While the latest weekly builds already contain few tweaks, it will still be interesting to see the final result.


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  1. Foo says:

    Oh my… that’s a joke, right?
    Sure the first icon is ugly as crap, but the second one looks like something I’ve thrown together when I quickly needed an icon for some testing.

    Also, what’s up with the background? It’s annoying and distracts from the rest of the pop-up, why can’t they just use an uniform color instead?

  2. Luis says:

    Just about anything will be a improvement. The current default theme is Horrible. I still use the old one or “classic” as it is now called.

  3. I’d rather the designers designed a userjs manager and a search engine editor that can move them up and down. A skin that a lot of people will change the second its installed and that regardless of merit will be bitched about is fun too.

    If they have the resources all of the above is good too.

    • Dan says:

      Do not worry, this skin is just one guys agenda. He also has to change the UI also not just a skin. In the Opera forums many people have suggested many things. What you say is already looked at or being worked on. :)

    • que says:

      How is a User JS manager relevant to the skin? Do you think Jon Hicks is suddenly going to change his career and start programming instead of doing graphical design?


      • Its part of the UI he is skinning/designing. If they add it, it would be him doing the dialog mock-ups and or making it consistent with the design he’s working on.

  4. Rafael says:

    I love the current skin, it’s very elegant.
    The “classic” is infantile to me!

    About the modifications: this stupid icon is not the main, you must have a look in the tab bar, it goes better. *.*

    About the colors: We, Opera users don’t wanna a uniform color, it’s very normal, who uses Opera wanna see something different from all. ♥

    • Foo says:

      It’s one thing to have a colorful interface and another to use two slightly different shades of the same color in a striped pattern, where the stripes are 1px wide.
      The only way it could be worse is if he’d put the stripes horizontally instead of vertically.

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