Opera 10.50, Rushed, Unstable and Fast

By | March 9, 2010

Opera 10.50, Rushed, Unstable and FastJust before Opera 10.50 Final release, BetaNews has published an article called “Is Opera 10.5 ready for the March 1 ‘choice screen?’” which provides some great points (thanks to nobody for link).

Well, why not give it a try? After using Opera for about a week (~12 hours/day), I come up to the following conclusion: it was rushed, yet again.

One of the things I adore about Opera Software are their innovations. However, when it comes to releasing Final builds (major release), it’s usually the same story.

Opera 10.50, Rushed, Unstable and Fast

Over the past week, browser was constantly crashing on specific sites, or just randomly, for instance, when watching videos from blip.tv, etc.. Ironically, it was stable today.

I don’t even know, on how many RC (release candidate) builds there have been. More = better? Not really, when you release 2 RC builds on the same day. Push, push, push…

However, the number one thing which annoys me is: they rushed it due to ballot screen. What’s the issue there? Imagine novice PC user downloading Opera (by randomly selecting it) and experiencing all those crashes. Do you call that a good experience? No.

Yes, IE is bad, but at least it works.

Why Opera struggles with the market share (please note: it still grows)? New user downloads browser, tries it, experiences crashes and switches to its competitor, leaving behind bad Opera memories, browser, he/she won’t be trying for a long time to come. Unless it was x.0.1 release.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Opera, but their “push, push, push” strategy in incredibly ridiculous. Instead of focusing on experience, they focus on a stupid timeline.


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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded FavBrowser.com. Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. kkg_ says:

    “However, when it comes to releasing Final builds, it’s always the same story.”

    I call BS, v10 and 10.10 were rock solid.

    • I agree on 10.10 point, it was a minor upgrade, 10 was quite solid as well, updated point.

      Last tragic release was 9.5, where they rushed it to beat Firefox, or something like that.

      • Daniel says:

        In this release there was such an opportunity to gain some massive share. Had you looked at this in a business sense you would find that this is the right decision. Just because a browser crashes does not mean it was rushed. Heck, 10.0 crashed bi-hourly for some. Secondly, there where not noticeable bugs for an average Joe. As stated before, in a business sense this was the right move. But yes, the overall quality is down; but stability and other fixes are on the way.

      • Crackerflack says:

        Vygantas, you need to stop making all sorts of weird claims. You are definitely not bright enough to analyze the browser market. Stick to linking to analyses by other people instead.

  2. Iron84 says:

    don’t see crash here, sure, some bugs, but still a fuckload better than any other browser.

    it was rushed? yes
    is it a bad product? no, it’s stable enough to convert newcomers

    opera 10.51 will stabilize definitively things.

  3. pneumatyka says:

    Its true. I’m experiencing a lot of problems with 10.50 I must admit. First time ever. As kkg_ said – 10 and 10.10 were rock solid, so the whole thesis of this article is false (same story). But in this particular case (10.50) it is true.
    Whole system freezes, Opera freezes, Opera crashes (without report a bug mostly, rearly with it). I admit – I’m frustrated, and my wife is frustrated. LOL. She said exactly this “I know IE sucks, but it least it works” yesterday.
    Lot of problems. Now I’m trying to gather some usefull info for them, but I’m sure of one thing – I never had such a problems before.
    Something very wrong happend with this release.

    BTW. For anyone experiencing serious crashes of Opera, and willing to help them. Read this first:

    • pneumatyka says:

      Today she (my wife) switched back to Opera from IE, because lack of Ad Blocker under context menu. She was very surprised that there is no such a thing in IE. “I’ve tried to click on advert, and anywhere on the page, and there was no such an option nowhere.” :D

  4. barky says:

    an improved snapshot came out on Friday (build 3298) – available from opera desktop team blog — has fixed some of the problems.
    shame they rushed the RC’s — was strange to have them hours apart not giving much chance for feedback from beta/RC testers!

  5. Moore says:

    i have been using 10.5 since it was realesed and it has been aboslutly fine, websites are loading fine, bookmark sync is great and it looks great too.

  6. gxg says:

    I’ve also had my share of browser crashes with Opera, both 10 and 10.10.
    I didn’t try the final 10.50 release, only the first beta, but it was horrible: frequent crashes, no real speed improvement and used up a lot of memory. I think I’m sticking with Google Chrome for the near future.

    • Crackerflack says:

      The first beta was much faster than Chrome, actually. It might have crashed, but there are hardly any crashes in the final version.

      It’s rather pathetic to try to push Chrome by referring to a beta version of Opera.

      • gxg says:

        I’m not trying to push Chrome, I’m just stating that I am happier with it more than with Opera.
        And the beta was definitely NOT faster than Chrome on my computer. I did some benchmark tests and it was barely faster that Firefox. And the memory use was much higher than both Firefox and Chrome.

        • Crackerflack says:

          Yeah, typical Chrome fan-boy in denial. Wake up and smell the coffee. Chrome is in second place.

          • nvm says:

            Chrome might be 2nd right now, but Chrome 5 will definitely beat Opera when it’s out. Wait and see.

          • nobody says:

            fanboi fight! go cocks go!

          • Daniel says:

            @nvm (under this post)
            Do you just think Opera will sit at the sidelines and go to sleep? Chrome is just continuing speeding up like it has over the last years. Opera has managed to build an engine from scratch and get it faster than Chrome in months. I wouldn’t state such things (“Chrome 5 will PWN, you’ll see” (paraphrase)) as fact, considering there has not been some announcement of some crazy time saving algorithm that will be implemented or anything of that nature.

  7. werwolf says:

    3298 is much better than final :) I am said about Opera’s marketing decision to rush this most beautiful Opera ever made :(

    If I would be first time user of Opera, I would be satisfied, but the first day only. The second I would recognize easy to fix bugs in the skin and the third day I would see problems with scrolling chat window to the bottom. 4th day I would be scared about secunia article and the 5th day I would come back to SeaMonkey. But I am not first time user. I love Opera and I have 10.10 as my default browser, waiting for fixeds of 10.5 so that I can recommad update to my friednds.

    • Crackerflack says:

      According to the whiners, every single version of every browser ever has been rushed.

      Whiners are best ignored.

      Why would a newbie start looking for flaws in the skin? You whiners are really getting desperate.

      The Secunia thing is not specific to 10.50, so what’s the relevance? It’s just another desperate attention-grab.

      According to you, 10.10 was rushed because it has this Secunia thing too.


  8. Chuck Monroe says:

    I’ve experienced only a single crash; other than that, I haven’t been this excited about an Opera release since version 6.06, which was hands down the best browser of its time. I love 10.5!

  9. liga2r says:

    I agree fully.

    Rush rush rush to get something not labeled BETA on the ballot. Very buggy for a final. This is a FINAL folks, not another beta or RC… a final. The very next snapshot released on the 5th March is more stable.

    This final frustrated me no end and I reverted to the 10.10 version until the next 10.50 snapshot. not a good move for 1st time users who do not have the 10.10 to fall back on.

    Buggy buggy buggy, rush rush rush… I can attest with 1st hand experience and agree with the article above about the 10.50 final push.

    • Crackerflack says:


      This is a final version, and the reviewers love it. Haven’t had a single crash yet myself.

      First time users love it too.

      If you agree with the article, you are just as ignorant.

      • I doubt that many reviewers actually test browser for a week or so, no?

        • Crackerflack says:

          Yeah, you would doubt that, wouldn’t you? The fact is that if it had all these serious problems and was as unstable as you claim, most reviewers would have noticed it. It seems that none of them have.

          It looks like you have been tweaking and playing around with Opera too much for your own good, and broke something in the process.

          Most reviewers install Opera for the first time and won’t play around with weird settings they shouldn’t be touching in the first place.

          • nobody says:

            blah blah blah

            covering your ears and shouting ‘i cant hear you’ do not make problems go away.

            opera is rushed, is buggy, is unstable and has terrible first-time-user impression with ‘crash reporting tool’

            whats more, it fails on most visited sites on earth and opera corp seems to think it is okay.

            noone cares about who ‘is really to blame’ it is opera that does not work with right click on g.maps or crashes with chat in gmail. sorry, these are pages with more users par day, that entire opera userbase combined. pretending that ‘it is their fault’ fixes the issue is very opera’ish

          • nvm says:

            I gave Opera 10.50 a try.

            Didn’t really notice any problems.

            If this is “rushed, buggy and unstable”, I’m really curious what a stable release looks like!

            Oh well. Nobbie is obsessing over Opera again. He hates it that even little insignificant Opera is crushing Firefox.

  10. FreeBrain says:

    I ‘ve had a few crashes with 10.5 ,but less than I ve had with Firefox.
    Opera changed their ways when it needed and they are going to get good results!
    I bet!

  11. tareqf1 says:

    exactly my opinion. they rushed this build. I am with Opera since v7 and never saw release like this. Opera 10 was the most stable release of all.

    • Crackerflack says:

      Opera 10 was the most stable?

      Then how come people were ranting about how Opera 10 was rushed too?

      People will rant about releases being rushed every single time.

  12. om4g.us says:

    Yes, it’s unstable at first try. But it’s because i upgrade install, not fresh install. After uninstall it, remove everything about opera in Documents & Settings, reinstall again, it’s never crash anymore.

  13. pneumatyka says:

    I’ve just sent a crash report. Crash after opening Opera with previous session, when there are at least two separate Opera windows.
    I still need to make reports about constant freezes (each 5 – 10 seconds) on random situations, usually when opening new tab, switching tab, or scrolling window.

  14. alpesh hindocha says:

    don’t know why u have this problem, but i have’t had “a single” crash since i upgraded from 10.1 to 10.5!
    it is my default browser now !
    and i teach kids web-design and use opera as default browser.
    Already replaced 10.1 with this 10.5 on 3 of my lab computers & haven’t had a single crash yet!
    may be i’m lucky1

  15. Frog says:

    I have to words for you people experiencing crashes: Clean install.

    • Morbus says:

      Does that include the user profile, and throwing away bookmarks, configurations and whatnot?

  16. sumbra says:

    Yes it crashes a lot on porn websites involving farm animals… perhaps if you would browse less devious part of the net, you would have a better experience.

  17. Mark says:

    The difference of course, is that a new user won’t trawl the Betanews and Desktop team blog looking for the rare obscure URL that crashes the browser, they will just like you know… “USE IT NORMALLY”.

    In day to day use, unless you are out trying to make sensationalist BS news stories for BetaScandals or FavBrowser(which used to avoid this BS), then everything will be just fine.

    The fact remains, I get occasional crashes in ALL my browsers. IE8 being the worst, followed by Firefix, with Chrome and Opera 10.50 being about even…

    • Morbus says:

      The fact remains, too, that I haven’t had a crash in Firefox in about 3 months, even though my session about a year and a half old, and I usually keep the browser running for days on with dozens of tabs open…

      • Crackerflack says:

        Firefox is actually very unstable. Most people are having problems with it.

      • nvm says:

        LOL, Morbus the Firefox fanboii is back.

        Face it, Firefox is slow, laggy and crashy.

        Chrome owns Firefox every day.

        • nobody says:

          one fanboi spoted another fanboi..

          truth is, that mine firefox is more stable than both safari and chrome, yet i find safari more pleasant to use.

          this bullcrap about ff being ‘buggy, slow and bloated’ is just bullcrap. it is slower in artificial tests (the same argument used by opera fanbois for years) but extensions and compatibility are worth it – they save user more time than he wastes on a little slower javascript.

          and yes, opera 10.50 was rushed, this is no surprise. what is a surprise, is that 10.51 is still not there.

          • Iron84 says:

            yeah, guess what?

            opera has the time-saving features and the fastest engine, all built-in

            and…”years”? google chrome may be near version 5, but it’s a year and a half old, not “years”

          • nobody says:

            like what? most of opera features are hardly improved after being introduced, some are the same like in version 7! most are from version 8. and there are thousands of annoying and un-understandable papercuts.

            why middleclick doesnt work on bookmark menu? why i cannot group select cookies for removal? why notes cant store RTF formating? why i cannot turn of that f.. opera icon in the tray? why it stays there after i close this browser? why most plugins fail/misbehave? why i cannot use windoes drag and drop? why opera uses old save/open menus in vista/7.. there are thousands of such things, and they add up.

            fixing/going around these issues is something you dont need to do with other browsers.

            can you integrate MS oneNote with opera? (send a page/send a page chunk) and before you bash MS, this is THE BEST note making software on the market, second to none. evernote is distant second. tell me how many time saving features I CANNOT have because opera doesnt let me to write an extension and chances of them writing it are ZERO.

          • nvm says:

            Sorry, nobbie. Firefox is about as stable as a one-legged cow.

            Face it, Chrome destroys Firefox, and even Opera 10.50 is faster and more stable than Firefox despite being “rushed”, as Firefox fanboys claim.

  18. IceArdor says:

    For me, I had to install to a fresh directory instead of upgrading a previously weekly build–this decreased the number of crashes, but I still had frequent (daily, if not hourly) crashes into the Release Candidates. Yes, 10.50 was very rushed and while development can be hastened by hiring more developers, the same isn’t true for QA. You need exponentially more QA staff to put a browser under all the weird cases with customized installations. Disregarding the Browser Ballot incentive, but not disregarding Opera’s increased development resources, I think we would have seen 10.50 no earlier than April 1. Opera entered the “only show stopping bugs” phase too early, Opera did not sit on its RC’s long enough to get the full spectrum of crashes from users.

    On the other hand, Opera has struggled to gain a significant chunk of the browser industry since its birth in 1995. Opera filed a complaint with the European Commission which ultimately led to the The Browser Ballot to try to level the playing field. This is probably the biggest break Opera has ever gained and probably ever will gain against Microsoft. Naturally, Opera went for the Hail Mary. Download rates are up 300%–I’d call that a success, but unfortunately it will take much more to come close to matching Firefox’s success.

    In the mean time, send in all those crash reports and file bug reports for repeatable bugs. Let’s see if we can push up 10.51.

  19. zahek says:

    This is really true becouse till Final 10.50 we have seen 10-15 pcs different snapshots and some of them are really usefull. Final 10.50 is yes good but has some of really big problems such as crashes, flash problems and memory usage…I think Final version made urgently to Ballot Screen…
    I think Opera should be solve immediately for Win users with a new snapshot..

  20. odi says:

    It seems that 10.50 requires a clean install. done it and more than happy with the slick, quick and stable new opera.

    • nobody says:

      except that you’ve lost your customisation, passwords, history etc.

      not all people are comfortable with uninstalling a browser just to have it work.

      no other browsers requires it

      • nvm says:

        Firefox does require that.

        I installed 10.50 on top of an old test installation of Opera, though. No crashes what so ever. Apparently you don’t need a clean profile with Opera after all.

        With Firefox, if you don’t wipe all your settings every time you upgrade, you are in big trouble.

        Why can’t Firefox just be as stable as Chrome? Because all the good Mozilla developers defected and joined Google, LOL.

  21. Crackerflack says:

    Oh dear. Vygantas is trying to be a “critical journalist” again.


    Funny how you link to the Betanews article from before the launch, and not the one after, which praises the final version:


    I haven’t had a single crash with the final versions. All the reviewers love it:


    Vygantas, you need to stop your pathetic rants. Stick to mindlessly parroting other actual news sites instead. When you start trying to analyze anything, you always fail miserably due to your incompetence and ignorance.

  22. Crackerflack says:

    Looks like professional reviewers disagree with this nonsensical blog post:


    Ars Tecnica talks about “polish and simplicity”:


    The new champion: Opera’s all-or-nothing bid to build the best browser

    “But now, they have managed an incredible feat: They haven’t just put Opera back on the map. They successfully diverted the focus of much of our attention during this critical period in history away from where it most likely would have, and perhaps rightly should have, gone — from Firefox, the most popular alternative to IE — to the brand that some analysts believe fell below 1% usage share. Just like Bjorn Ferry in the cross-country pursuit a few weeks ago, the Swedish team has come back to claim gold.”

    How strange that all the reviewers love it, and then some amateur blogger who usually sticks to parroting other people’s articles miserably fails in trying to “analyze” something of his own.


  23. bingo007 says:

    did a clean install.never had a crash and i dont think it ll crash anytime in the future.and it is real fast.

    • nobody says:

      and tell me, how many people are expecting browser to be usable only after wiping out old version?

      no other browser requires that.

      no other program storing that much personal information/history/data requires its removal to function in +1 version

      • nvm says:

        Except for Firefox, of course.

        You of all people should know about Firefox’s inability to deal with upgrades, considering your Firefox fanboyism and all.

  24. ay says:

    I do not know how many tried this, but clearing the cache solved the crashes for me.

  25. sarah says:

    After the browser ballot rolled out Opera downloads increased by an average of 200% in Europe, and up to 426% in Norway.

    • nobody says:

      and see what was the effect on the marketshare


      a) people DOWNLOADED opera and dropped it (after few crashes it is more than certain that they did)
      b) opera downloads were so low, that these 200% were over a very small base
      c) both of the above combined
      d) opera downloads increased, but so did other’s so change is negilible

      if you dont trust betanews, there are similar stories around the web

      • nvm says:

        Nobbie is still obsessing over Opera.

        Wonder why.

        Oh, it’s because even little insignificant Opera is now better, faster, and more stable than nobbie’s fanboy object, Firefox. Even Opera! LOL.

        Betanews reported on how stable the final version of Opera 10.50 was, as do all other reviews. At least compared to Firefox.

        As for that Betanews article, the graph clearly shows that every Friday, Firefox usage peaks and IE usage drops, before it goes back to normal until the Friday after.

        Betanews is jumping the shark here.

        They were right on the money about Opera 10.50, though: It’s actuallys table. More stable than Firefox, that’s for sure.

      • TTT says:

        oh come on.. do you even know something about statistics??

        writing browser stats on daily basis is like tossing 4 times a coin and concluding that on avarage 0.75 of tosses end up head.. nonsense!

        “opera downloads increased, but so did other’s so change is negligible” well.. I suppose you’re not a mathematician.. If users choose between browsers for one that gains share others must lose it..

        • nobody says:

          and if trend for users downloading browsers from ballot screen is in line with general browsers share values, then nothing changes. and this is the most probable outcome of this entire situation.
          your assumption is true when one user = one browser, funny part is that, that one user = many browsers..

          “writing browser stats on daily basis is like tossing 4 times a coin and concluding that on avarage 0.75 of tosses end up head.. nonsense!”

          and why is that? describe me the process that makes it nonsence? then maybe talk to google, who does real time text indexing and search, something much more complex than simple aggregation from many sources. done proprely it should have no more than 3 hours of delay in the worst cases. it is only a matter of skilled coders, not magic.

          and if you talk about the sample size.. well, this is nonsence indeed. how many milions of data points would you accept as non-nonsence? if you know about the statistics, you know why ~1000 data points is enough, and even for exit polls and medical tests researchers go for 100000, at most

          • TTT says:

            I’m wouldn’t bet that a avarage or sub-avarage user (i.e. the ones that will see the ballot screen) will download multiple browsers to try them out.. and, should it happen, they’ll select one to use as default..

            indexing and search aren’t statistics, at best they are fast heuristics that should follow some statistical basis..

            yes, I’m talking about sample size.. you should know that sample size matters if the sample considers dissimilar users to have a complete sample-set and if you can estimate noise (both are carefully considered in medical trials).. In our case you don’t have info on sample-set and (as the ballot screen is still in motion and people could download multiple browsers)the noise is huge. conclusion: daily statistics on this matter are nonsense..

            when the ballot screen will have rolled out completely and the choices will be stable than you’ll be able to talk about statistics to prove your points.. and maybe you’ll even be right.. (about market share, not about which browser people should choose).

  26. nvm says:

    Blog post is epic fail. Go back to reporting other people’s news, dude.

  27. WolvenSpectre says:

    You are dead on on Opera 10 and 10.50, although 10 was released more polished it still had allot of bugs and issues that I reported and complained about, features not as stable as they used to be, allot of upgrade issues that lost many people years of data, it was nowhere as unready as 10.50 was.

    I beta tested it since the Christmas Alpha and tested almost every new build. Some of the Personal Bar issues I reported on in the alpha were still not addressed in the final, along with several issues that were reported in beta. Also some of the default behaviours of Opera were changed, but the settings and Config settings haven’t changed and don’t do anything now. We haven’t heard anthing if these are bugs, issues to be addressed later, or a new default change they haven’t cleaned up or finalized yet.

    For full disclosure I started a thread on a feature that is important to me and one of the reasons I started using Opera about a decade ago, Server Name Autocomplete/Server Name Completion (the URL Field behaviour that adds the prefix, usually ‘www’, and suffix, the TLDs like .com, .ca, .co.uk, .org, etc., from a predefined list when you just enter the name of a site. This behavoir disappeared without explanation and by default it will now send you to Google Search, however if you manually activate it by adding a “/” like the previous versions would automaticly, it still works. Now that it doesn’t work there are bugs with related features all over and the browser won’t let you disable the defaulting to Google inspite of there being a settng for that.

    It seems like a minor thing, and some users really like the change, but on the thread I posted starting in the beta test, people 3 to 1, and at times 4 to 1, want at least the feature back, and some also want that feature improved to do more.

    There are always going to be those annoying unexpected bugs in a final release that squeaked through testing or were caused by last minute bug fixes that weren’t actually tested. Opera 10, and especially Opera 10.50, had more and more serious issues than that.

    I am an Huge Opera fan who is constantly trying to convert over new users, but as a certified professional I cannot in good conscience recommend that people use this as their default browser YET. I do think that everyone should download it and try it but be aware that in spite of what Opera Software says, and to paraphrase the famous cartoon meme of a talking caterpillar, “Opera isn’t finished with yet!”.

    • nvm says:

      You never really lose data in Opera. Opera just doesn’t pick up other settings if you install it to a different folder.

      Sounds a bit strange to claim that Opera 10.50 was rushed because a feature you liked seems to be missing.

      “Certified professional?” LOL.

      You should read some reviews instead of obsessing over a seemingly lost feature. Everyone seems to love it.

      Chrome is still better, though.

  28. Dels says:

    yes i argue with anything about rush on Opera 10.5, it should have rock solid build on final… i think that because they mess with 10.2 the “failed” widget build (anyone remember this?) rather than directly build 10.5 with carakan & vega…

    do they (opera team) have some roadmap for every (or next) Opera build? i guess no.

    fast but unstable, i began to use Chrome as secondary browser (while waiting FF 4.0, current 3.x build keep pissing me off)

    PS:using Opera since 5.x (it still shareware that day)

    • nvm says:

      In case, you didn’t notice, the “failed widget build” is still there in 10.50. They just moved all the stuff they had in 10.20 into 10.50. How is it “failed” if it’s still being used?

      Opera 10.50 is rock solid as far as I can tell.

      • Dels says:

        yes i realize the new widget implementation are on 10.5 build but looks like it’s not the main picture of this build, carakan & vega were.

        hope i were wrong, but it crash so often when i access site with silverlight or java applet (using newest snapshot 3298, clean install from final build and update to 3298, maybe plugin suck on my pc, i’ll try to reinstall silverlight and java later)… hope the desktop team not resting after the ballot and bring the 10.51 or 10.6.

        don’t get me wrong, i’m avid Opera user, even use it before firefox really exist.

        btw the widget should be a failed if there was none of the widget at widgets.opera.com take the new approach… hey we need the new widget there :D.

        PS: did i even said that i got C+ on my english?
        i love unite and turbo at best…

        • Crackerflack says:

          Widgets were part of 10.50, just like Carakan and Vega.


          BTW, check out widgets.opera.com with 10.50. There are some awesome widgets there now.

  29. pneumatyka says:

    I’ve cleared Opera history and cache, but it didn’t solve my crashes and freezes. I’ve sent them debug info they asked about – I hope this issue will be solved.
    No one didn’t experienced the crash when restoring last session with multiple windows opened?
    What I expect from browser first is reliability. Opera never failed me (maybe some rare random crashes, but as long as I can restore my session its fine), until now. I’m still using it of course. And it might be that this is because of upgrade. I hope newcomers don’t have those issues.

    • nvm says:

      It hasn’t crashed even once for me. Which is surprising because 10.0 was somewhat unstable.

      Where it is crashing for you? Got an example of a link you reported through Opera’s crash logger?

      • pneumatyka says:

        Simple, open Opera. Open some tabs. Open new Opera window (normal not private). Open some tabs there too. Close Opera (O-button -> Exit).
        Open again and pick restore last session. Both windows are opened, but after few seconds It crashes, without report a bug or anything.

  30. ABC says:

    I didnt face any crash since the time i downloaded it. Been 10 days! Works fine as anything.

  31. Dels says:

    new snapshot build 3309 released yesterday…

  32. steve says:

    Any skeptics – visit Opera’s forums and view the (abundant) issues with 10.50
    Rolled back to 10.10 – and started using K-Meleon.

  33. barky says:

    10.51 RC1 now out — seems to be much improved

  34. glache says:

    I found this release to be rushed and fast (dunno about unstable, didn’t stick round long enough to try). It chews up much more memory and just didn’t feel wholesome in terms of stability (that was the sense I got anyway). It was faster though, than Opera 10.10 but speed isn’t my top priority (though it’s good to have), and I figured I’d rather be a bit slower and use less memory so I can open up more documents. Just my 2c.

  35. fourmi says:

    OK, I’m a relatively new user of Opera (though my installation of 10.50 was an upgrade, not sure from which version. Very impressed with the speed so I changed my default browser to Opera from Firefox.

    Why am I here? Because Opera is crashing all the time! It IS an issue, and I really have no axe to grind. It may be that I should perform a fresh install, or clean the cache, or something, but how many other even less-techy users will care? They’ll just stop using it. Poor.

  36. mark says:

    I was happy with 10.10.. upgraded to this version and now I can’t even find help >about to see what version it is? lol call me dumb but new cars don’t reposition the clutch or the position of the brakes.
    I used “tools” on a daily basis, “view” on a daily basis and now I am wasting valuable time to find just where my network settings are and where the RSS feeds have gone.
    I ended up here while trying to find a way to roll back to 10.10 so that I don’t waste any more time, which i don’t have! I have work to do.

    • Dave says:

      Yeah, you’re dumb :P
      Help – about is in the same place. Menu button – help – about opera. How is that hard to find? If you don’t like the menu button, click it and select ‘Show menu bar’ to bring back the old menu bar. You wasted more time posting here than you would have if you’d just read through the options in the menu.