Google Will Benefit from Internet Explorer 9, Says Microsoft

By | March 8, 2010

Google Will Benefit from Internet Explorer 9, Says MicrosoftFew months ago, it was announced that Internet Explorer 9 will be the first browser to use hardware accelerated graphics and text.

According to Microsoft’s senior product manager for Internet Explorer, Pete LePage, Google shall benefit from the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 release. When navigating sluggish sites, such as Google Maps, there will be a noticeable difference.

“That is, hardware graphics acceleration is going to give you better reading experiences – better fonts and an improved ability to see images and scroll through them.”

“Because we are moving all of the graphics processing to the part of the computer that is designed for it, you will get a smooth, wonderful experience.”


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  1. bogas04 says:

    Firefox 3.7 Alphas are the first browsers to bring Direct2d to public . But yeah , IE9 when final will be first “tagged” stable browser to use Direct2d and hardware rendering.Anyways , i am eagerly waiting for MS to change Browser War scenario

  2. us says:

    google maps serve code. If your inflected explorer that is f*cken slow. All other browser do just fine.

    How about upping your game and stop blaming others. Would u like to patent that as well?