Opera 10.10 RC1 Released

By | November 13, 2009

Opera 10.10 RC1 ReleasedToday, on Friday 13th, Opera Software has released RC build of Opera 10.10.

As far as new features go, Opera Unite is the only one, so far.

While waiting for official RC changelog, feel free to see some of the changes in the following post.



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  1. nobody says:

    i’ve just reinstalled my win7ult 32bit, installing firefox 3.6beta2 and this build. (both NEWEST build available). will try safari and chrome for comparison, it might be fun

    opera cannot install in win7 without launching UAC twice, once with ‘unknown publisher’ as an author. it doesn’t look professional and in fact might be confusing to users actually reading UAC messages. in win7 they have MUCH more sense than in vista.

    will opera start integrating opera with OSes? it certainly doesnt with vista, it has terrible interface issues with Mac (does not integrate with speach, pass manager etc), isnt on default ubuntu software list.. well, so the only one is win xp? poor performance

    • You already said that a few days ago. Not the installation part though. Report that to the forums and please change your tone.

      • nobody says:

        unfortunatelly, i’m not going to submit any bugs into opera tracking system until opera opens it, so i can look what is happening with my report. until then, they are on their own.

        but you are free to do it, if you like to.

      • Eice says:

        Is there really any point in reporting anything, when Thoe prowls on the Opera forums as well under the name of Purdi, swooping in and killing all bug-report threads with claims of “Nonsense!” and “It doesn’t happen to me, so it must be you!”?

    • Golden Boy says:

      I am more mad about this

      their old opera.com/browser/next 10.10 page had: and other new features

      but 10.10 brings only 1 new feature, wtf is this, they are liars

    • nobody says:

      same problem – with many UAC warrnings applies to safari – this time there are three UAC messages, with one ‘unknown publisher’..

      thats bad, because most software that i reinstalled recently only asked once.

      • Which installer? I use the classic installer and there only is one notification. (Classic installs things faster for me) (Vista)

        • nobody says:

          MSI – as Opera once claimed that it is preferred way to install opera, and given i have few accounts here, also preferred for me.

          it seems like base exe is signed, but they’ve ignored signatures on internal packaging. thats rather weird thing to do, given that msi packager is rather very easy to use.