Only In Opera…

By | September 24, 2011

Only In Opera…

Crashes while loading a crash page due to previous crash that was also caused by a yet another crash page. There is a “Yo dawg” joke floating around. Version: 11.51 “Stable”.

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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. Mikah says:

    Suggest you choose minimal restart , its  in the after closing this dialog section.

  2. PO says:

    Unless you are abusing the bug that causes opera(stable) to crash after crash after crash

    heh i caught you

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Amgadelsaiegh says:

    lol , this sucks

  5. Olfigbdmof says:

    maybe that why im using Firefox, wish Opera had this and that. id use it then

  6. Rafael says:

    The URL shown at the window is the last focused tab but what about the other tabs???
    Vygantas you seem to be abusing the power on this blog to make Opera look bad.

    • Armin says:

      He’s a big time Opera fan. That, at the same time, makes him one of Opera’s biggest critics.

      • Rafael says:

        You are exaggerating. The “””critic””” on this post has no fundamentals. As I said in my comment there’s a completely lack of data on this simple screenshot, himself caused the crash report page to appear on the error screen by restoring the previous session: the problematic page loaded again while he was looking at the crash report page and crashed to show the error and Opera display the last focused tab address on the form. Unless you come with data that prove me wrong…

        And of course, don’t forget all software have bugs final or not. Final != perfect, or wouldn’t be anymore bug fixes and improvements. After all it’s just a crash, or followed crashes caused by an error that can happen in any browser.

        Ohh, I just figured out there’s no critic at all on this post, great!

        • Anonymous says:

          What is with you. Everything is a conspiracy.

          Can’t you ACCEPT something for once in your life?

          Not everything is tinted rosey.

    • No. It crashes without even starting. See updated picture above.

      It’s not like I made this up. Opera’s stability sucks, that’s what I have experienced over the course of last x months.

      Here is a recently posted pic of Firefox error

      If that was Opera’s error, I am sure you would be posting the very same thing.

      • Rafael says:

        There are differences between this post and the Firefox’s one.
        The Firefox one has no information on the error occurrence and no accusation of poor stability on a final version.

      • Mikah says:

        “Crashes while loading a crash page due to previous crash that was also caused by a yet another crash page” 
        I count 5 crashes , are you a noob  ? surely you must have been aware after 2 crashes that you was stuck in a crash loop , Opera provide an option for minimal restart no tabs, unite & extensions disabled.

      • Guest says:

        Opera’s stability doesn’t suck. Your constant whining on your own site and using it as a bug report form sucks. It’s extremely unprofessional.

        Look up any browser forum and you’ll notice that all of them will crash from time to time. It’s childish and stupid to single out Opera.

        Btw, a similar error to this one was reported a few weeks ago in Firefox. Suck on that.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Right now Opera is the most trashy browser. Not to mention a ton of bugs/glitches at its skins. All of them in Stable, of course. Releasing a new skin in stable version with so many glitches, it’s like they don’t respect you at all “take it as it is and shut up”

    And they want to follow a faster pace… How they gonna support it? None complains because… There’s none left to complain. lol

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to agree. I had to switch back to Firefox after Opera 11 just because it became so crash-prone. It almost crashed on me daily when too many tabs were opened. I tried a clean profile but with no luck.

      Ultimately, I moved back to Firefox Nightly and it is very fast, stable and memory efficient. Hardware Acceleration makes it even better. Vast number of Addons is a killer feature itself.

      I sincerely hope Opera devs fix all those frequent crashes ASAP so that I can continue using it in tandem with Firefox.

  8. Rafael says:

    COOL, you have random crashes at your system and… “I’M GOING TO POST IT TO EVERYONE TO SEE AND BLAME OPERA”.
    Sr., I hadn’t a single crash from Opera 11.51, neither from 11.50 (with exception when updating just after restarting from the update – just one). The rest I can’t remember.

  9. Anon says:

    tried using opera instead of ff crashed after install lol

      • Olfigbdmof says:

        or perhaps ure a blind hater, why?

        1. i user firefox, but i cant just argue with the fact that chrome is gaining share at some incredibly fast rates, and its good too, almost as good as firefox

        2. i dont like justin bieber, but i cant arugue with the fact that he is tallented and hes famous .. and most importantly he has MORE MONEY THAN YOU WILL EVER HAVE

        so go on hatin..

        • Apriorimeister says:

          1. Am I arguing about the fact that it is gaining market share remarkably fast? No, I’m not. I have no idea why you even brought it up… probably has something to do with you being mentally crippled.
          2. How does one even respond to such generalized subjective bullshit statements like “its good too” or “almost as good”? We aren’t talking about ice cream flavors here, you know…
          3. I can, I think he’s a talentless corporate cock sucking piece of scumbag shite.
          4. I don’t mind the fact that he has more money than I will ever have, because I’m not a materialistic little whore like you.

          • Olfigbdmof says:

            materialistic little whores (i like that :D ) tend to live in luxury, while idealistic big machos tend to turn out like Richard Stallman (look like him too), not much more to say … better go do my materialistic stuff and get rich soon…

          • Apriorimeister says:

            People like Richard Stallman improve the general condition of humankind through the hard and rigorous work they do and materialistic little whores like yourself just suckle on the teet of humanity and produce nothing of any actual worth to anybody. Now fuck off and go die in a carpet fire.

          • Olfigbdmof says:

            :D how do you come up with all of this? you must be staying in front of the PC all day, thats why

            i admire your clever (..not) comebacks, but i will let you win on this one, because i have far more important things to do in real live than having a argument (on the funny side – you lack arguments and make use of calling names instead) with a PC/Internet dependant person like you, i suggest you go seek some help

          • grg says:

            ”talentless corporate cock sucking piece of scumbag shite” . Do you listen to pop music? do you like pop music?  Probably not so therefore you cant judge it. Your on the outside looking in. Its easy to hate that way. You cant say someone is talentless because the music is not made for you to enjoy its for a different fan base. I think your mad because the artist you like in a different genre isnt  getting exposure like pop artists. But yeah can we get back to browsers? I recommended Chrome because it does what its suppose to do without bug interference on a daily basis like Opera. If your on facebook using Opera then you know what im talking about

          • Apriorimeister says:

            Why do you assume I don’t like pop music? I actually do like some pop music – so frankly, just by that fact alone most of you post falls apart. Also, going by your reasoning there is no such thing as a talentless person simply because the garbage they produce might appeal to some bugfuck insane person, or even to a group of bugfuck insane people as is the case with justin bieber and his batshit crazy fan base. Anyway, in regards to your reasoning as to why you would recommend chrome over opera – that’s an absolutely legit point and you should have said that in the first place. I myself do not use facebook, however it would be nice if the opera developers did get around to fixing these bugs for the people that do.

          • grg says:

            Oh really? remember hes pop r&b. So your saying and this not including songs on the radio. You actually like to enjoy, listen and buy/download albums of  Rihanna, Beyonce, Brittney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Usher stuff right? because thats Biebers genre. Is that what your saying? 

          • Apriorimeister says:

            You said pop and I thought you meant pop in general and I responded to you with that in mind. However, no – I think that all of the “artists” you’ve just mentioned are garbage.

      • grg says:

        Hmm so you wont use a browser because of a pop artist? sounds like a personal issue.

  10. Maxim says:

    All of the browsers are very stable these days. If someone has constant crashes with any of the modern browsers, then the problem is with their trashy hands.

  11. Mikah says:

    All browsers have many users who have no problems.
    All browsers have some users who have problems
    Some browsers have problems that can be fixed with a clean install or disabling add-ons that may be causing problems.
    Some users are too lazy to try & find solutions & prefer moaning.
    Visit SevenForums Browser’s  plenty of users there that fit into those categories.

  12. casting couch says:

    Never had one Opera crash. Thanks for coming.

  13. Anonymous says:

    That’s a pretty hilarious error message, but I rarely have issues with Opera’s stability.

    I’ve heard people say Opera is one gigantic software bug, but again I rarely have problems with Opera’s stability. I use Opera Next 85% of the time, and I can’t remember the last crash I had.