Mozilla Suggests Slower Firefox Release Pace For Enterprises

By | September 23, 2011

Mozilla Suggests Slower Firefox Release Pace For EnterprisesRemember how Mozilla rejected the faster Firefox release schedule (it was posted yesterday)? Well, here’s a new proposal and it goes like this: the Firefox release pace for enterprises is to be significantly slowed down. This should make corporate IT quite a bit happier.

If the proposal is adopted, Mozilla will deliver a new version of Firefox to enterprises every 30 weeks. That is five times slower than to consumers. During each 30 week stretch, Mozilla would issue only security updates for the browser. In addition, each enterprise edition would be supported for an additional 12 weeks after the release of its successor, assuring companies 42 weeks of support for each version.

Mozilla currently discontinues security support for a specific version of Firefox as soon as the next in line appears.

These proposed releases would provide organizations with additional time to certify and deploy new versions of Firefox while mitigating some of the security risks of staying on an older release. – Kev Needham, Mozilla’s channel manager, in a post to discussion forum

Mozilla is calling the new release concept “Extended Support Release,” or ESR. If the proposal is approved, ESR would kick off with either Firefox 8, now slated for delivery on the 8th of November, or Firefox 9, which is planned to ship on the 20th of December.

If ESR begins with Firefox 8, adopters would not receive a new version of the browser until Mozilla ships Firefox 13 on the 5th of June.

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  1. Foururge says:

    So Now I have to wait for 2014 for firefox 7….

    • Mikah says:

      Not very good at reading you are , in school paid more attention you should.
      If proposal is adopted it will not be implemented until November or later.
      Patience young one Firefox 7 will be released in 3 days on Tuesday  27th September

      • Olfigbdmof says:

        and if got it right, there will be a seperate enterprise edition, while home users will still be on the same fast schedule

        i feel like pointing out that english is a foreign language to me..

  2. Guest says:

    Poor Mozilla…

  3. Rafael says:

    Cool, how many are these enterprise users? 0.00001%?
    And how many use the browser not only for intranet sites and really represents market share and search engine revenue? 0.00000000001%
    Seriously, I’m interested in those numbers…

  4. Sunflowers_2 says:

    No problem, version jump like Chrome make no sense, it just a number. So I think that will be better with Firefox.
    If Firefox slower release progress, add-on developer no need update add-on usually, no all have time to do that, remember, they have thier work.

  5. Asknobody says:

    Mozilla is like a girl who is constantly sending mixed signals :D I love you! Back off, loser! Where do you go, come back, i love you.. :D