November, 2014 Mobile Market Share: Safari, Android Browser, Opera Mini – Up; Google Chrome, Internet Explorer – Down

By | December 3, 2014

Another month, another report.

It’s time for the mobile data and we start with Apple’s Safari, which has seen a small bump in its numbers, up from 45.04% to 45.40% (0.36 point increase).

Despite losing some of its market share, Google Chrome is still #2, this time its market share has slipped by 0.72 point, from 22.17% to 21.45%.

Likewise, even after gaining 0.04 point of the market share, Android Browser did not overtake anyone and is currently sitting with 19.18% mark.

Next is Opera Mini, which is steadily growing its user base, last month its market share has increased by 0.61 point, from 7.56% to 8.17%.

Lastly, Internet Explorer, which is sitting at 2.12%, down from 2.38% (0.26 point decrease).

That’s all for now, folks.

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