Nokia Releases A Data Compression / Web Browser App

By | October 16, 2012

Windows Phone only.

Interestingly enough, the struggling handset manufacturer has released the Xpress Beta app, which not only uses its own rendering engine (unlike other Windows Phone browsers) but also compresses data, just like Opera Mobile.

However, it’s not your typical web browser, in addition to already mentioned features, Xpress Beta also allows you to translate web pages on the fly and access various news feeds, essentially working as a “light on data” reader.

Not bad for a first try.


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  1. sarjoor says:

    I think you mean to say the Nokia Xpress does not do any of its own rendering at all. Nokia Xpress uses a proxy server that retrieves the pages on behalf of the phone, performs all necessary rendering, compresses the page, and then sends the compressed output to the XPress phone for display.

  2. sarjoor says:

    Also like Amazon’s Silk browser which does half-and-half local and remote rendering.

  3. Waiting for Lumia says:

    Wow!! My next phone is Lumia 920!!