Internet Explorer 10 Coming To Windows 7 In November

By | October 17, 2012

Internet Explorer 10 Coming To Windows 7 In NovemberAnd here’s the catch…

We have some good and bad news for you today, according to the recent blog post by Microsoft, the software giant will release a new build of Internet Explorer 10 for the Windows 7 operating system sometime in mid-November.

The bad news? It won’t even be a final version, nope, just a “Preview”.

With Microsoft pushing to update most of its products at the same time (Windows 8, Windows Server, Skype, Skydive, Live, etc.), we are quite surprised that they threat IE10 for Windows 7 as a second class citizen, which probably wasn’t even in development for all this time (minus the first public build).

Oh well…

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  1. Mehran says:

    Hoo kers? excuse me, Who cares!?
    I don’t even install IE9, and I never run IE8, let alone this catastrophe

  2. IE Fan says:

    Wow!! So we are getting IE 10 for windows 7. Every version they improve good performance and adding support.

  3. tomkaten says:

    I’ve just given Windows 8 a spin and I just had to see how IE 10 would stack up to the other browsers, so I thought I’d give it a chance.

    The good:
    – It still has the best GPU hardware acceleration of all the major browsers (at least in MS’s own IE10 test drive, which can’t possibly be truly unbiased).
    Tests like run perfectly, IE’s got the smoothest animation of ’em all.
    – it’s fast, but didn’t seem faster than Chrome, as MS would have you believe.

    The bad:
    – Font rendering is awkward, but then again, Windows 8 has font rendering issues, so it’s just inherited I guess.
    – Adblocking through TPL is still a joke. Few blocked elements, all the placeholders are there… It’s a mess. Simple Adblock fixes all that, but many resent the creator’s shady License Agreement.
    – The availability of other enhancement tools is still light years behind the add-on base that the competition offers (mouse gestures, password hashers and many others are simply not there or are just rudimentary).
    – The HTML5 scores are still pretty bad, my standard WebGL test fails miserably.

    To sum it up, it’s nice to try it out as a novelty, but it’s not even close to making it as my main browser. Indeed, the progress is there, but the competition is fierce, so they should aim higher IMO.

    • PC`EliTiST says:

      Give me a true adblocker, like adblock plus, on IE10 and I’d jump right away… Mouse Gestures there’s a very good program for IE9, but it has problems with IE10. The third I’d like is, in-line translation.

      IE has indeed the best Hardware Acceleration. Rock solid, not only on IE’s test page, but generally rendering pages is truly the best. It has the best CPU/GPU utilisation, the best Smooth Scrolling ( not choppy like others ) etc. Unfortunately for the reasons I posted at my first paragraph, I can’t set IE as default browser either…

      Just give me a true ad blocker… at least. “Do Not Track” and BS…

      • Quero says:

        Just try the Quero AdBlock IE TPL + Hide Ads extension and you will see most of the annoying ads gone.

  4. notaIEhater says:

    Only reason I use IE is to veiw this DISQUS comments. It is a good browser if you disable smooth scrolling and disaplay accelerators.
    Both chrome and IE opening process per tab or whatever they doing not going to help a person like me who open more than 10 windows and total over 400 tabs and save them as sessions.
    It is also funny when chrome acting slow people think they have a virus and refuse to believe chrome can be slow. Religion is a hell of a drug.

  5. Guest says:

    >Still using Internet Exploder


  6. dwightstegall says:

    If Word and other Microsoft apps didn’t require you to have IE it would have been uninstalled long ago. :( Waterfox is my default browser and when I need to translate a page I use Chrome.