No Awesome Christmas Gifts for You

By | November 30, 2010

No Awesome Christmas Gifts for You, Sir

Now here is an interesting bug (Opera 11 Beta).

Type in the address bar:
awesome christmas gifts

Press Enter. Boom. Error.

christmas gifts

Works fine. Either it’s a bug or I was a bad boy this year and Santa actually exists.

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  1. Kai says:

    With me it just does a standard Google search ;)

  2. Merser says:

    I have no problem with the awesome christmas gifts. The phrase is opened in a search engine.

  3. daddylo says:

    Not confirmed, may be the bug does not exist in Vista.

  4. Mancho says:

    Can’t duplicate here. XP SP3

  5. web says:

    my christams will be awesome apparently build 1111 xp32

  6. Andylee says:

    does not work for me. win7, 32
    Opera 11 beta

    • Qute says:

      Now _that_ is confusing. What do you mean? This isn;t exactly a feature unrevealed. Does not work because it crashes too on your PC, or it does not work since it performs a regular search? ;-)

  7. kyleabaker says:

    “opera turbo” give me the same error, in fact most two word phrases in the form “opera *” give me this error.

    Filed as bug:
    Multiple word search activation fails when starts with “opera”

  8. kxp says:

    considering that most of us can’t replicate this bug it must mean that You’ve been a bad boy this year :D

  9. Joe Fagundes says:

    Either the bug doesn’t exist, or it only happens under very specific situations.
    Using Ubuntu 64 bits, tested with and without Turbo.

  10. john Martin says:

    Maybe is your computer, here is fine…