Firefox 5 and Hardware Accelerated Canvas for Mac OS, Linux, XP

By | November 30, 2010

Firefox 5 and Hardware Accelerated Canvas for Mac OS, Linux, XPHardware acceleration is great if you are running Vista or Windows 7 machines. However, when it comes to XP or other operating systems, you won’t be able to experience the very best of it.

What’s the solution?

Joe Drew, the developer of Firefox web browser is considering writing a hardware accelerated backend to canvas, possibly in collaboration with other browser maker (you are welcome to join).

As he said:

Writing a hardware accelerated backend to canvas is tough, but it’s doable. We might try to use Cairo’s OpenGL backend. We also might try collaborating with some of the other browser maker. As I’m sure it’s clear, we haven’t quite worked out what the path to success will be, just that we need one.

When is it coming out?

Joe has not specified any time frame, but hinted about such possibility in the next Firefox release (aka Firefox 5).

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  1. Tiago Sá says:


    Next Firefox release is Firefox 4.1, not Firefox 5. Firefox 5 is probably two years away. Firefox 4.1 (the real 4.0, since 4.0 is basically 3.9) is scheduled to Q3 2011.