New Opera Software Logo

By | October 26, 2009 | 10 Comments

Opera Software

Opera Software Logo

One of the changes in Opera 10 was a new logo. Well, Opera Software has recently received a new one as well.

For different formats and sizes, head over to the official resources page.


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  • Rafael

    I’d rather them continue with the old one, looks more professional for me.
    But, oh well, I can’t change these things…

  • Diego

    Much better than old one.

  • nobody

    better, but they’ve should get rid of that shadow completely.

    shadows + ovals = bad scalling, bad behaviour on various backgrounds.

    it is much better than the old one, but still the best ‘new’ opera logo is that old WinGogi that theyve released by accident year+ ago.

  • Torbjørn Vik Lunde

    Although I welcome to the new giant O, I think the new logo-type is absolutely horrible.
    The old type had a very nice playfulness and warmth, while still staying professional. The new one is just cold and harsh.

    • Rafael

      Finally someone that agrees with me! *-*

  • dee

    it’s better becouse If we have more attention to new opera logo.”O”(with diferent character)in this new logo,like:
    “O” is opera.

    but, will be smoth(artistic)if have a shadow.

  • Emil Ivanov

    Far better than the old one.

  • Graphic designer

    The old slim O icon = impression of a lightweight browser.
    The new fat O icon = impression of a bloated browser.

  • g

    It’s better, the old logo had terrible letter kerning in “OPERA” word. But they should get rid of the shadows completely. And keep “ft” ligature from the old logotype.

    • Rafael

      The old fonts were far better. :/