Mozilla Urges Users To Disable McAfee Plugin

By | October 5, 2011 | 10 Comments

Firefox Urges Users To Disable McAfee PluginScriptScan ships with McAfee’s VirusScan antivirus program. It’s designed to keep Web surfers safe by scanning for any malicious scripting code that might be running in the browser. According to Mozilla, however, it has an unintended side effect: It can cause Firefox to crash…a lot.

Mozilla said that the extension “causes a high volume of crashes,” and is “strongly encouraging” users to disable the software. The warning applies to all users of version 14.4.0 and below of the plugin.

The Firefox browser started popping up warning messages Monday, advising that users disable the software.

In McAfee user forums, there is a smattering of complaints about the Firefox problem.

The problem affects Firefox 7 users and McAfee has identified the cause and is working actively with the Firefox team to resolve this issue and expects to roll out an update shortly. - Francie Coulter, a McAfee spokeswoman.

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  • Tiago Sá

    Why don’t they simply shut it down with the plugin blacklist?

  • Shane Bundy

    Why am I not surprised it’s McAfee?

    • Armin

      I wasn’t surprised either.

  • Mikah

    Last week it was Microsoft shafting Chrome 

    • Armin

      Who’s being shafted here? Mozilla or McAfee?

      • Shane Bundy

        McAfee since their plugin can’t hack it and gives up, taking the whole browser down with it (so much for multi-process).

        No doubt both vendors will release an update.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I use McAfee & the only web browser that has a problem with it is Firefox. I`ve been with both for quite a while but Mozilla has only started crashing over the last 2 – 3 weeks. The fault is with Firefox. It started when I updated to the latest version of Flash.  Why does no other browser have a problem with McAfee? I`ll be sad to leave Firefox but unless it can get it`s act together I won`t be using Mozilla again.

    • Scorpion3003

      Did you even bother reading the article? it was McAfee extension was causing the problem not Mozilla. Read the post above yours, McAfee will roll out an update shortly.