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By | October 6, 2011 | 19 Comments

Ask Maxthon Team AnythingGood news,

We will be interviewing the Maxthon web browser team shortly and would like to hear some of the feedback from our readers.

So, post your (respectful) questions in the comments section below and the ones with most likes will be sent for the Maxthon folks to answer.

Update: Questions have been sent, thank you for participating!

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  • Shane Bundy

    How did Maxthon become the phenomenal Chinese browser it is today?

  • Rudradeep

    which browser engine do you find best? 
    can you reduce your setup.exe package in less than 10MB?
    what do you think about global browser market?

  • SUperhackA

    Is it possible to remove the “maxthon news” from the loading bar?or at least replace it with something else?

  • Vangelo19

    Whats your thoughts on HTML5? With other browsers as well focusing on HTML5 these days. Do you think its needed and plays a big role in browsers today?

  • A lot ignored user?

    Will the dev team:

    - join the English forums, read from time to time a few post and if they can reply?
    - start reading the feedback they “need”? (not just ignoring it)

    And why they still release buggy “stable” versions?

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t I heard this before? Oh yeah, for every single other browser out there too!

  • Aleksei

    How do you see the future of Maxthon, and concretely: the final version of the browser?

  • Armin

    Why does their website seem to be down nearly all the time?

  • Bobby Phoenix

    How secure is Maxthon 3, and why does “You should not see this” message on Acid 3 show?  When will plug-ins be available, and will M2 plug-ins work, or will new ones need to be made?

  • Eduardo

    I’ve been a fan of Maxthon for years. I started with Classic (Windows 98), moved to M2 (XP) and now to M3 (W7), which has fantastic features like save and pop out video, drag&drop, dual engine, etc… However, I have to keep either Firefox or Chrome always opened for simple things like “create desktop shortcut for urls”, “save as .mht”,  “up one level” and a print feature in “reader mode”. Once these and other necessary features are implemented, I’ll keep just M3 opened. Congratulations for this great browser.

  • Jul

    Why Maxthon 2 was dropped with a very unstable version, many confirmed bugs were reported on the official forums and none of the questions there were answered. Maxthon 3 is being developed very slowly, and still lacking many features needed for adanced browsing experience. This leads to many Maxthon users having to drop Maxthon for other browsers. Why Maxthon team decided to take this route?

  • tom

    In your Maxthon Press Kit for 2011 (, you claim to be the first browser with tabs in 2005, and yet other browsers had tabs well before 2000.

    You also claim to be the first browser to offer synchronization of bookmarks and history (2008), but other browsers did it years before that.

    Finally, you claim that unlike other Webkit browsers, you have a team dedicated to optimizing Webkit for speed increases. But we know that Apple and Google have teams working on the same thing. In fact, most of the performance optimizations available to Webkit browsers were done by Apple and Google.

    How come you are making all these claims that are obviously not true?

    • Sarjoor

      Another false claim in the presskit, “to pass the Acid3 test, a browser must use its default settings, the animation has to be smooth and the score has to end on 100/100.”

      The presskit deliberately leaves out the remaining passing criteria of ” has to look exactly pixel for pixel like the reference rendering “, which of course Maxthon does not, shows the ugly “YOU SHOULD NOT SEE THIS AT ALL”, and still fails Acid3 after all these years.

  • Dragos Puscasu

    Is the Chinese Government interfere somehow in your activity? Is Maxthon a reason to fear against privacy issues? 

  • Sue

    Why are there some many mistakes and bad links on your web pages. does no one check them for the accuracy?

  • Maxthonguy

    What happened to all those great blog entries by Maxthonguy?

    • Guythonmax

      He was hopefully fired. He was really obnoxious. Almost as obnoxious as the rest of the company.

  • Bobby Phoenix

    Where are the answers?

    • Vygantas Lipskas

      It was Chinese holiday some time ago, so expect them byu the end of this week :)