Mozilla Starts Firefox For IOS Rollout, Hint: It’s Promising

By | September 4, 2015

Mozilla Starts Firefox For IOS Rollout, Hint: It’s PromisingNew Zealand is first on the list.

After refusing to create Firefox for iOS in the first place and them giving in to the pressure, Mozilla has finally announced the limited availability of Firefox for Apple’s devices.

Interestingly enough, the first preview is only available for the consumers in New Zealand with more countries said to be added later this year. We are not entirely sure why did Mozilla choose NZ (although we can guess), but the open source organization said that now their goal is to simply collect feedback and use it to shape up the overall development of Firefox for iOS.

So why exactly is this build so special and why should you get one? Well, excluding the fact that it’s the first Firefox release for iOS in the first place, here’s a list of some highlighted features:

Mozilla Starts Firefox For IOS Rollout, Hint: It’s Promising

Intelligent Search: Now this one is pretty awesome, at least from the UI standpoint, not only does is suggest search keywords but also allows you to select from the different search providers.

Mozilla Starts Firefox For IOS Rollout, Hint: It’s Promising

Data Sync: A pretty self explanatory feature, bookmarks, password and other user data synchronization.

Other minor features include popup blocking, compact tabs and ability to set a default search provider.

What do you guys think?

if you want to give it a try, look for Firefox on the New Zealand’s iTunes Store.

[Via: Mozilla]

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  1. motang says:

    I am actually waiting for it, I use Firefox on my phone, tablet, and computers. My work phone was the only one where I used Chrome, after this comes out I wouldn’t have to.