Microsoft Will Pay You To Use Edge

By | September 7, 2015

Microsoft Will You Pay To Use EdgeHello, Bing Rewards.

A long time ago and in an effort to gain additional market share, the software giant has launched Bing Rewards, where users could earn points by ditching Google in favor of Bing, which can be later redeemed for Xbox Live Gold and other services or products.

Now, it looks like Microsoft has decided to use the very same strategy for Edge, it’s newest web browser. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a new section in Bing Rewards area where extra credits and exclusive deals are offered to use using Microsoft Edge.

While it’s unlikely to attract any new users, considering that most non enthusiasts have never heard about Bing Rewards in the first place (not to mention it is US only), it could bring some value later this year when Edge gains additional features and is actually usable. As for now, the software giant fans are already using the new web browser, and as for everyone else, it’s not worth to exchange the frustration for few Bing points.

[Via: WinBeta]

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