Mozilla Reveals Firefox Launcher For Android

By | February 6, 2014

Now here’s something unnecessary. If you are looking for a product identical to that of EverythingMe’s (see video above) where the only difference is an inclusion of Firefox web browser then good news, because Mozilla & EverythingMe has just announced exactly that at the InContext Conference.

While there is no ETA yet, we still have one question that needs to be answered: why?

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  1. Brandon Heat says:

    Good morning, user of mine! Would you like to waste some time on shitbook, shitter or whatsapp… play a game or fourteen?

    [Later that day…]

    Hey, user of mine, its me again, your trusty EverythingMe app! Wanna waste some more time with shitbook, shitter and some other shitty game, maybe flip trough Flipboard or see what the magic 8 ball has in store for you?

    [When the sun’s battery goes below low…]

    Yo, it’s me again, dude. I think you shouldn’t sleep just yet, why not waste a good three hours and twenty seven minutes on shitbook, shitter, maybe check tomorrow’s weather and your horoscope for the rest of the week?

  2. Katsuki says:

    Big news, k-meleon 74 beta released. Super light & fast.
    Download at
    news on

    Try it out. :D

    • Brandon Heat says:

      its great news that k-meleon is still under development and not forgotten, ive tried the 74 beta, but sadly, still, k-meleon is inferior to today’s browsers, although, i would love to see it in a new light

  3. Katsuki says:

    tes tes