Mozilla Criticized For A Plethora Of Bugs, Release Cycles

By | September 6, 2011 | 5 Comments

Mozilla Criticized For A Plethora Of Bugs, Poor Management

Tyler Downer, a “community lead” at Mozilla Corp., criticized the company for a lack of effective methods to address all the bug notifications that users submit.

According to his post, Firefox users have submitted more than 6,000 issues that are getting harder and harder to track due to poor management, as developers can no longer tell, which bugs are critical and which ones are not.

Furthermore, the rapid release cycle makes things even more complicated as developers no longer have enough time to go through the pile of bugs, find major regressions and fix them.

Although Downer was never an official employee and did his part as a volunteer instead, he has left the company on July 15th saying that Mozilla has “drifted further away from the company that it was in 2008, and further from my goals and vision.”

Via: PCMag.

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