Google Chrome Celebrates 3rd Birthday

By | September 5, 2011

Google Chrome Celebrates 3rd BirthdayMore than three years ago, on September 1st of 2008, Google has released the very first version of its web browser, which had a pretty significant impact in the industry.

Then, few years later, Google has introduced the Chromebook, a new breed of computing for a quick Internet access.

What kind of beast will it bring next? Let’s wait and see.

Cheers to the progress and happy birthday to Google Chrome,

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    omedetouI tried it out the other day on a computer that doesn’t have Firefox, and guess what? Chrome has print preview!!! And it’s pretty neat too, if you ask me.Now they just need a bookmarks manager for me to consider it a proper browser. I hear it’s coming. Well, took them long enough. Three years is awful.

    • Ghjghnyky says:

      it had bookmarks manager since 2008 and guess what?! its being triggered by the following key combination: Ctrl+Shift+O

    • Sarjoor says:

      Chrome has always had a bookmarks manager.  So now you can consider it a proper browser.

  2. Shane Bundy says:

    I don’t think Chrome will ever be a proper browser simply because Google will cut corners to keep Chrome simple for those users who ‘just surf the Internet’.

    And it was Sep 2nd, not Sep 1st, that Chrome was revealed to the world. :P

  3. mr_den says:

    13 versions in 3 years???? Now firefox makes sense.


  4. grg says:

    3 years of a headache

  5. Cristian says:

    3 years more and we’ll have Chrome 26 !

  6. Anon says:

    i can’t believe its been 3 years…

    i was thrilled when i first heard that google was developing a browser (fanboy here), and i was confident that they would make a browser that could rival opera. since then, this has been shattered and i am now confident that chrome will never be a real browser.

    the only good thing that chrome has brought to the field is rendering speed, which in turn forced all the other browsers to fiddle a bit more speed out of their own engines. however, this browser is riddled with usability issues that make it inferior to even the likes of IE.

    this just proves that the most popular programs never consist of the best programs available.

    • apriorimeister says:

      Rival Opera at what? At having a completely fucked up cache system? At using the largest amount of ram and having the shittiest memory management system? At being the slowest browser in regards to rendering and javascript performance (At the time when Chrome was released)? At being incompatible with the largest number of websites? At not supporting extensions (At the time when Chrome was released)? At having an ugly as fuck user interface (At the time when Chrome was released)? At being the most insecure browser? Step out of your reality distortion field fuck face.

  7. Jordan says:

    Boo. One of the worst things to happen to the browsing industry being forced down the throats of (ignorant) consumers by Google’s monopoly on advertising/exposure.

  8. DWBH says:

    I might not like Chrome but 1 tab screnario with all plugins disabled, chrome will beat or equal performance of 1 tab Opera. The problem is when you open more tabs or enabled plugins. 
     Question, anyone know how to disable animation (flash animations) in chrome or chromium based browser ?