Mozilla Bows To The Pressure, Firefox To Come With The DRM

By | May 15, 2014

Mozilla Bows To The Pressure, Firefox To Come With The DRMWell, that didn’t take long.

It appears that Mozilla has finally cracked down from all the content industry pressure and is no longer against implementing DRM into its web browser, at least not against in a way that they refuse to do it. Everything else is pretty much just a PR talk.

According to the latest report, Firefox will include a code that installs Adobe’s DRM when presented with a media that requests such rights management.

So why do it? Basically, they are following Microsoft, Google and Apple and are afraid that in case they refuse to do it, people will switch to other web browsers, as simple as that.

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  1. Thunderwing says:

    Why can’t Mozilla create two versions of Firefox: a version without Adobe’s DRM for those who don’t want DRM infesting their browser, and a version with Adobe’s DRM for those who want access to Adobe DRM’d content? Everyone can have the best of both worlds that way.