Mozilla Asks Congress, Microsoft And Google To Stop Spying

By | June 12, 2013

Mozilla Asks Congress, Microsoft And Google To Stop Spying

Well, now you know why Google and Microsoft are so eager for you to signup when using their services and what they do with that data.

Fortunately, organizations like Mozilla, Reddit, DuckDuckGo and many more have a better idea and care about your privacy. Thanks to the recently leaked data about PRISM, these companies are asking the Congress to end NSA surveillance.

How can you help? Sign a petition at and call Washington. Rainey Reitman, the activism director at Electronic Frontier Foundation, said, “The next thing we need to do is have a call day where people pick up the phones and call Washington. It’s extremely unfortunate, but the thousands and thousands of emails may fall upon deaf inboxes.”

What about other organizations that joined the campaign? Here is a complete list:

4Chan, Access, Advocacy for Principled Action in Government, American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, American Civil Liberties Union, American Civil Liberties Union of California, American Library Association, Amicus, Association of Research Libraries, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, BoingBoing, Breadpig, Calyx Institute, Canvas, Center for Democracy and Technology, Center for Digital Democracy, Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights, Center for Media and Democracy, Center for Media Justice, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Consumer Action, Consumer Watchdog, CorpWatch, CREDO Mobile, Cyber Privacy Project, Daily Kos, Defending Dissent Foundation, Demand Progress, Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, Digital Fourth, Downsize DC, DuckDuckGo, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Entertainment Consumers Association, Fight for the Future, Floor64, Foundation for Innovation and Internet Freedom, Free Press, Free Software Foundation, Freedom of the Press Foundation, FreedomWorks, Friends of Privacy USA, Get FISA Right, Government Accountability Project, Greenpeace USA, Institute of Popular Education of Southern California (IDEPSCA), Internet Archive , – LLC , Knowledge Ecology International (KEI), Law Life Culture, Liberty Coalition, May First/People Link, Media Alliance, Media Mobilizing Project – Philadelphia, Mozilla, Namecheap, National Coalition Against Censorship, New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC, Open Technology Institute,, Participatory Politics Foundation, Patient Privacy Rights , People for the American Way, Personal Democracy Media, PolitiHacks, Privacy and Access Council of Canada, Privacy Activism, Privacy Camp, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, Privacy Times, Public Interest Advocacy Centre (Ottawa, Canada), Public Knowledge, reddit,, Rights Working Group, Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association,, Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic, Sunlight Foundation, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, TechFreedom, The AIDS Policy Project – Philadelphia, TURN-The Utility Reform Network, Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, William C. Velasquez Institute (WCVI), World Wide Web Foundation

[Via: TheVerge, Mozilla]

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  1. I think there is a difference between care about privacy and being forced by law.

  2. And what law is that?

  3. mistermysteryguest says:

    Who watches the watchers…